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Hi, my name is Juan Carlos with Expert Village, and today I'm going to show you how to become
a competative baseball player. In this segment, we're going to talk about practice regiments
for catchers. Now, what we want to work on for catchers is to improve our defense when
blocking pitches, having a partner actually throw pitches on the ground and actually block,
framing your pitcher on any location pitches with your wrist, and other stuff like throw
downs and quick release. Now the couple things that you can do as far as improving your catcher's
ability to improve it's defense and it's quickness is 1. improving at blocking by having a partner
actually throw balls on the ground and have them block like so, and then the second thing
is helping pitchers improve their pitching and location by framing pitches as well, in
different locations. Other things are pickoffs at second base by improving their quickness
by the time they catch the ball and fire the ball to second base. The more consistant you
are in this type of practice regiment for catchers, the better you improve and the better
competative catcher you will be. Now when blocking, it's very, very important that you
want to pick up where the ball is going to end up going. So if you feel the ball is heading
to the outside part of the plate, you want to move your feet, get down on both knees,
have the glove out. Have the chest, you want it to bounce on your chest if it's hit hard
and have it bounce downward as opposed to leaving your chest up where it can bounce
all over the place. Okay, now as far as framing is concerned, if you receive a pitch close
to the corner, or a little bit high or a little bit low, it's very important that you turn
your wrist towards the inside part of the plate in order to convince the umpire that
was a strike. This helps your pitcher maybe lessen the pitches, the number of pitches
he might need and also improve the strikes he might get in order to win the game. These
little things count in order for a catcher to be a very good catcher, and pitchers usually
will appreciate it if you help them out.
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How to Be a Better Baseball Player : How to Practice to be a Catcher

1458 Folder Collection
Jeff Hsiao published on March 4, 2015
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