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What is going on YouTube it’s Ray here checking in with a vlog.
Now you might be wondering, what is this whitewashed fool doing speaking in English.
Now this is actually a new kinda video that I wanna bring to you guys and Imma call it my vlog.
What that basically means is that I'll talk
to you guys about stuff that’s going on in my life, in English.
But not just that, Imma put in a nice little CC action right down here.
So click on that CC action to get a visual representation
of all the stuff I’m talking about.
What does CC stand for? Crazy Code? Chuck E. Cheese?
Closed Caption. Oh, Closed Caption?
Okay. That makes sense.
Also what I’m gonna do is I’m putting vocabulary words somewhere in this video
so that you don’t haveta check the dictionary when I’m talking away.
Now I figured, I get paid in cram schools right,
talking to my students in English so that they can practice their listening skills.
So I was like why not do it here on my channel?
I mean, it is my channel, I can do whatever the hell I want.
These kind of videos are more for the intermediate kind of people if you get what I mean.
Cause in order to understand all of these you’d
probably need to be well past learning your ABCs.
But it’s okay if you don’t really understand me you can still keep watching cause that
way I can talk about some random shit and you’d think I was going on about something important.
Now back to the topic today of my vlog I'm gonna talk about my trip to Singapore!
When I was a kid I was put in Singapore for
my education so I actually graduated from a local Primary School there,
so I have a lotta feelings for this little miracle of a country.
Let’s talk about some of the things I love about Singapore.
If I had to pick one out of all the possible good things I can say about Singapore,
it would have to be how clean and neat and organized and structured and meticulous and systematic and
Seriously, I love the city and how well it’s planned.
Fact: 80% of all residence buildings are owned
and planned by the Singaporean government. And I’m suspecting that
all of them have OCD, like me.
It’s just how well they plan their buildings and roads you know,
every building fits in like a puzzle and every road going exactly where it needs to go.
It just works.
Another thing I love about Singapore is the traffic here.
This year when I went back to Singapore I was roaming the streets right,
and I came across this little intersection with no traffic light.
There was this taxi that was coming my way,
so I stopped and I supposed that it would want to go first. But you know what happened?
It stopped for me, the pedestrian.
Now be honest with yourself, when in ever
do you see a taxi stopping for a pedestrian here in Taiwan?
They don’t! They even honk at you just to make sure you don’t get in their way.
Another thing about Singapore is that there is never a traffic jam.
People are either on the mrt or the bus or on their bikes.
They don’t even need Ubike here everyone has their own damn bike.
There’s this thing when it comes to Singapore too, when it comes to their multicultural-ness?
Multiculturalness? Is that even a word?
Singapore is split between four main ethnicities: Chinese, Malay, Indians, and Eurasians
so there are four official languages: English, Mandarin, Malay, and Tamil.
So in Singapore everything comes in four languages, and everyone is at least bilingual.
How cool is that?
This also brings me to the food in Singapore.
The food here is as diverse as its multiculturalness?
You have Malay food, Indian food, Chinese food, and all sorts of goodies
where you can find in one singular food court.
So many reasons to fall in love with Singapore
if not for the weather.
I'm serious, it’s so hot here
you can get a heat stroke when you’re taking a cold shower.
Something I find kinda funny and kinda strange here in Singapore
is how they handle their fines.
Boy are they serious with their fines and laws and I have graphic evidence.
Ok so I present to you Exhibit number 1,
this was taken on an mrt and you can see that you’ll be punished by a 5000-dollar-fine
for mishandling the emergency system.
No, that’s not in Taiwanese dollars, it’s in Singaporean dollars.
And do you need me to do the calculations for you?
You know, being a little mathematic(al)?
That translates into 115,000 Taiwanese dollars.
Ok Exhibit number 2, this was taken outside a casino
and you can be punished up to 10,000 dollars, Singaporean dollars by the way,
or 12 months in jail or both for entering underage!
You do not want to break the law in Singapore.
Trust me, they still whip people.
With all that said, I did have a great, wonderful, marvelous time
when I was back in Singapore for the few days I was there.
I went to Universal Studios, a freaking pool on top of a skyscraper,
and my aunt’s house where I first started to learn English.
That’s bout everything I have for you guys today,
if you like this new style of video don’t forget to give it a thumbs up.
And as always, if you want to look at more videos like this click right here,
and if you want to follow me on my personal Facebook page click right here,
and the subscription box is above, right above.
Right there, always has been, always will be.
What do you guys think of this new style of video? You love it? You hate it?
Give me some suggestions or feedback in the comment box down below!
And as always thank you guys for watching and I’ll catch you guys later, see ya!
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【VLOG】My Great, Wonderful, Marvelous Trip to SINGAPORE

70223 Folder Collection
Ray Du published on December 16, 2015    Blair translated    Halu Hsieh reviewed
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