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Rated F for Fully SPOILER!
From the fameless director that no one gives a damn.
comes the action, thriller, fantasy anime - based on the visual novel Fate/Stay Night
/ Hentai Game
Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works!
the name must sound really good in Japanese
'cause it makes absolutely no sense in English whatsoever.
If Fate/Zero wasn't enough prequel for you
and Fate/Stay Night can't make you stay all night
brace yourself for a
with the new reboot done by Ufotable, the studio that REALLY know how to spend their
budgets -after working with tons of other shows.
Featuring flawless animation and special effects.
An anime so AWESOME, that it will puts all animes to shame when it comes to fight scenes
- which is mostly all we care about.
And they're supposed to produce the world top series?
Meet Rin, our heroin, who still kept the same hairstyle since Zero
except now it's onlyhalf as attractive,
witness as she break anime record as the most popular girl at school
which no one dare to approach.
Meh...That doesn't count as a human.
If anyone's looking, she's still single at the moment
But don't forget our main protagonist...
Meet Shirou the Hero,
who believes his soul purpose in life is to be of use to others.
Kinda like someone we know.
He's a sucker for helping others
seeking no fame nor recognition
even if it mean risking his life.
Man...where can I find someone like him?
Could really use the help.
An anime so fulfilling, it gets a 3 whole 1-hour long special episodes for a mere 13
episodes show in ONE season.
it's so amazing you won't actually remember that the first
half of most episodes are actually kinda boring.
A show so detailed that the first 2 episodes essentially ended at the exact same event.
but don't worry because it's from
a different perspective with 2 awesome bonus fight scenes
that will force you to beg
for more after every episode.
Journey to a world that's all about servants and masters,
where no one really know how to use one
except Rin
the only mage smart enough to use a servant to their fullest potential.
use for battling
travel in mid-air
Watch as Shirou rises to become a Hero of Justice by
getting saved by his servant,
saved by his enemy,
saved by his enemy's servant,
and saved by his enemy's servant's servant...
...and Shirou's ability to break dishes.
Experience the bromance
filled with so much manly compassion.
While in the midst of war, where every action
can mean life and death,
comes a happy date harem picnic for Rin,
who for the sake of the plot,
must now undergoes a forceful romantic development with Shirou.
Because apparently
UBW is the Rin X Shirou route.
Don't forget Saber, everyone's favorite character,
she is back,
looking as Elegant as ever,
only this time, more adorable...
and sexier.
Then, spent 10% of the time with minor characters...
Kirie, a dude so cool -
he doesn't need to do anything to be Number 1!
because his Awesomeness was carried over from Zero.
Berserker, as strong & as big as the Hulk,
but as agile as a ballerina,
as if the reason he went berserk is because his mother forced him to take ballet.
Sakura, who just kinda have to be there...
maybe for Shirou's harem purposes...
until Heaven's Feel
Rider, who is only there for 1 reason.
make that 2 + 1.
What the?
How did that happen?
Oooh...that explain it.
Remember him from the first episode?
Well, we'll bring him up every now and then as constant reminder foreshadowing Season 2.
A universe so chock full of complex backstory mechanics,
so difficult to grasp
that will leave audiences with questions like
Why the plot moving so slow?
And did I see her nipple?
Kiritsugu Jr
Queen Arthur
Sinon + Kirito
Walking Thanos
who every nerds in the audience pretended to know.
Without the snakes hair
Ezio Auditore
The real deal
Fate/Stay Night:
Unlimited Budget Works
If you like what you're seeing.
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Honest Trailers - Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (TV) 2014

4402 Folder Collection
Sin-hong Chen published on February 23, 2015
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