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Hi, I'm Lily.
and this is my... what is this? what is this video?
Elise, my name is Lily
I am 16, and this is me asking...for you to be my friend. Please. I've probably irritated
about three quarters of my friends by saying "I really love Elise Bauman we need to be
friends in real life because she's awesome and so am I and it would work." But then again,
I also think "Okay she lives in Canada, she's 8 years older than I am, and she's probably
too cool for me" and I'm here, 16, on the Isle of Wight, on the other end of the Earth,
hoping that she will suddenly go "HEY! That girl is incredibly cool! I wanna be her friend!"
and then that's the blooming of a new friendship. I just wanted to point out a few things that,
you know, are essential in me & Elise- Elise & I's? No - me and Elise's friendship.
We're both 5'2", good hugs, right? If we're both the same height? We both watch Pingu
and Arthur, am I sensing a marathon sometime when we meet up? I dunno...By the way, if
you watch Mona the Vampire as well, that would be really cool. We both like brownies...Also,
we wear plaid shirts quite a bit, that's something.
That's pretty much all I have....But, what from what I've seen,
you seem like a very cool person & I'm not that cool -laughs- but, um
I think you're rad, if I'm honest. I've always wanted to be friends with an actress who lives in
Canada...who is also really cool. And yeah, I think it would be pretty cool for you as
well, you could walk around being like "Yeah I'm friends with this really cool 16 year
old British girl from the Isle of Wight and...I dunno, when I go to England we're gonna meet
up & it will be really cool..." I don't have enough arguments for this, I know.
But I'm really cool - I can be cool, sometimes.
I know I'm kind of full of *pronounces wrong* passive aggressiveness
*corrects self* *pronounces wrong again* *corrects self AGAIN*
I'm witty, and I am British....Isn't that enough? -sighs and complains-
Basically, Elise Bauman; please be me friend.
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Dear Elise Bauman...

1310 Folder Collection
魏伯真 published on February 19, 2015
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