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[theme music]
-You better get that noisy, wheelie bucket
out of my courtyard [inaudible].
-He means go faster.
-Come on.
-No, I mean stop.
-What do you think of your new sibling, Vlady?
A fine specimen.
I'm sure you'd agree.
-Is it true?
COUNT: Well.
-Why keep it a secret?
You've been here for weeks.
-Well, I didn't know how you'd react.
-Who's his mother?
-I am here, you know.
-Who is his mother?
-My mother's Elizabeta, Arta's wife.
-Your brother's wife.
-Oh, Vlady, you have to stop this nonsense.
Loyalty is for breathers.
It's hugely overrated.
-You can't really believe he's your son.
-I'll prove it.
However, you want. Name it.
-He has more bite than you.
Don't you think, Vlady?
More, more passion.
-I wouldn't say that.
-You look different.
Interesting even.
-I thought we were talking about Malik.
I knew you'd come good.
How could you not?
My son, the chosen one.
This calls for a celebration.
Renfield, a feast in Vlad's honor.
What would you like, Vlady?
-Roast neck of a breather?
Crispy fingers with a [inaudible] to start?
-My boy.
Come along, Renfield.
We have work to do.
-How can he just accept him?
-We don't know that he has.
But you're missing the point as usual.
-So enlighten me.
-Malik will want power.
He's a threat.
-I'm not scared of him.
Erin, wait.
You'd have died.
-I did warn you.
-Adze's furious about the defanging.
-So let her take it out on Dad and Malik.
They did it.
There's nothing she can do.
-She's taken her father's seat on the high council.
She's called for a vote of no confidence.
-Co-existence is working.
We've proved it.
-The defanging gives her ammunition.
She'll use it to undermine you.
-We'll write a report.
Get it in first and derail the vote.
-The meeting's tonight.
VLAD: Then you better get a move on.
Write the report, Bertrand.
-This will stop the pain.
-I'm not drinking that.
-Your taste buds have changed.
There's a lot I can help you with.
-You can't trust her.
You know that.
-And I can trust you, can I?
-So beautiful.
-Trouble in paradise?
-I made her.
She has to be loyal.
It's part of our code.
She has no choice.
-In your dreams.
Trust me, little brother.
She's mine now.
-Oh, 1935 prewar.
1956, [inaudible] for a summer's day.
Where is it?
It's not here.
Oh yes.
Saved for this very day.
-No way.
-Yes way.
The only bottle from that tragic young queen.
-Lady Jane Grey?
-Her blindfold.
She tied it herself before the old--
-Can I hold it?
-Certainly not.
It's for Vlad.
VLAD (VOICEOVER): So what do you think
of your new sibling, Vlady?
A fine specimen.
I'm sure you'd agree.
ERIN (VOICEOVER): And I can trust you, can I?
VLAD (VOICEOVER): He has more bite than you.
More, more passion.
-Vlady, Vlady, Vlady, stop, stop, stop.
Come this way.
[trumpet noise]
-It's what you wanted, isn't it?
But you never give me what I want.
All that's changed.
Now you've proven yourself.
What Vlady wants, Vlady will get.
-Oh, please.
COUNT: It doesn't stop there.
-Lady Jane Grey.
-Is that her blood?
I thought you'd never give me the chance to uncork it.
-You've been saving it for centuries.
COUNT: And it's for you, Vlady.
All these years, I've been saving it for you.
INGRID: But he's only bitten one person.
It's hardly carnage.
COUNT: That will soon follow.
It's inevitable now he's tasted the nectar.
-I don't drink blood.
-Are you insane?
-Drink it.
-I know what this means to you.
But I can't.
-Then you, Vladimir, are no son of mine.
-I'll drink it.
-Reseal it, shall I, master?
-Uh, if Malik gets some, I should too.
COUNT: Silence!
I need a worthy heir.
Someone darker than pitch and blacker than a moonless night.
-Mistress Ingrid.
COUNT: Don't be ridiculous.
You two, my so-called sons, come here.
There will be a duel tomorrow.
Only one of you will survive, and he who survives
will be my heir.
-You want me to kill Vlad?
I want Vlad to kill you.
But if you succeed, I will-- yes, I,
I suppose you'll have to do.
-And what if I refuse to fight?
-Then Malik will execute you.
Isn't that right, Malik?
INGRID: This just gets better and better.
There's more to this.
Can't you see it?
The shadows are everywhere.
-Get a life.
-What is it now?
-Father, I will fight with courage and fire.
I will prove I am a worthy son.
-How very sweet.
Try not to get yourself killed.
I think I could get quite fond of you.
ELIZABETA (VOICEOVER): You must not be seduced by the Count.
-I'm showing him what I'm worth.
That will make it sweeter.
And I can destroy Vlad.
He's the dangerous one.
ELIZABETA (VOICEOVER): Make sure you do.
-Well, well, well.
What a cheering sight.
-I was just putting it back.
-No, no, no.
Be my guest.
-You put in last week stats?
-Page four.
No biting incidents.
I even did a pie chart.
-You're not going to read it.
-You've got to get it delivered.
You can go.
-No, I can't.
You're in danger, Vlad.
You can't keep ignoring it.
-I can handle Malik.
-There's more to him than we know.
-Such as?
-The level of threat.
The darkness.
It's since he's arrived.
That can't be a coincidence.
Malik's hiding something.
Has to be.
-The only thing he was hiding is that he was a Dracula.
-Why won't you listen?
-Because you have no proof.
-There's evil.
I can feel it.
-We're evil.
-Besides us.
You going to train for the duel, right?
-I'm thirsty.
I've got to get a drink.
You're all over the place.
You can't risk losing.
-I won't lose.
Malik's an amateur.
Beside, I can always just zone him.
-Zoning's a final resort.
You know that.
We need to keep it secret.
-Then I'll find some other way to flatten him.
-Malik's raw, Vlad.
He has passion.
VLAD (VOICEOVER): He has more bite than you.
More passion.
VAMPIRE: You can do it.
I know you can, Malik.
Just concentrate.
-What you need is a proper sparring partner.
And why would you help me?
-Because you're more fun than Vlad.
Vlad's stronger, Malik.
Without me you'll be staked in seconds.
-A contract?
You really expect me to agree to all of this?
-If you want to win, yes.
-What's got into you?
One zoning enough, or do you want some more?
Zoning's a dark art.
It has to be respected.
BERTRAND: Of course, I'm scared.
It was terrifying.
Biting Erin must have been a big deal.
-Yeah, well, it's what we do.
Isn't it?
Us, vampires.
-It felt good.
And you want more?
-She's supposed to be loyal.
I bit her.
I made her.
-It doesn't work like that.
Not if you're in love with her.
-She hates me.
Ingrid's got her claws into her.
-Erin's one of us now.
We love power.
Can't resist it.
Tonight, use the duel to show your power and strength.
-You think?
-I know.
So let's get you ready, huh.
-You really think I can get her back.
-If you win, Erin won't be able to resist.
-Well, well, an enemy in the camp.
-You've got it wrong.
I want to help.
-Vlad's lackey wants to help?
-I'm here, aren't I?
-I don't need your help.
-Suit yourself.
You'll regret it though.
-What do you know?
-So you trust me now?
INGRID: You have to earn trust.
-Vlad has a secret skill.
Something you can't beat.
-What is it?
-He can zone.
INGRID: That's impossible.
It died out centuries ago.
The secret was lost.
-Except it wasn't.
I found the book in the library at the High Council.
Vlad's a natural.
Picked it up like a birthright.
-Vlad's indestructible?
-If Vlad can zone, I can't win.
-Why are you telling us this?
-So suspicious.
-With good reason.
-What do you care as long as Vlad dies?
You have to make Vlad zone.
Goad him.
Push him to the edge.
He won't zone unless you get under his skin.
-But if he zones me, I'm toast.
-I have something Vlad knows nothing of.
Something that will let you win.
-What do you want?
-No need to be snappy.
Just came to wish you luck.
-It's time.
-I've waited 300 years for this.
Take your time.
Savor the last moment as heir to the Dracula throne.
-Take your positions, gentlemen.
COUNT: The rules are simple.
No clean fighting.
No holds barred.
I want to see cruel brutality.
A duel worthy of the Draculas.
A reward for the victor.
-You don't have the stomach for blood.
Always have to take the softer option, don't you, Vlad?
-Now, remember.
The death of one of you is the only possible outcome.
-When the scarf hits the floor, it's all yours.
-It's mine.
That previous first bite of yours, soon she'll be mine too.
-And begin.
Is that the best you can do?
-You know I'm stronger than you.
You'll never win.
-You're not the true heir.
I am.
-Marvelous sport.
Come on.
-Then prove it.
Prove you're stronger than me.
-You're tragic.
Fangless wonder.
ELIZABETA (VOICEOVER): Now Vlad is at your mercy.
-Father, I claim my birthright.
-He's still alive.
-For the winner.
-Two useless sons.
What have I done to deserve this?
Neither of you are worthy of my crown.
-Then make it me.
My soul is blacker than pitch, and I'd never let you down.
-Where did you get the [inaudible] shield.
It's been lost for centuries.
-You gave it to me.
BERTRAND: I didn't.
-Erin was there too.
She saw you.
-He's right.
I did.
-How could you?
-You believe him?
I was with you.
I never left your side.
-And why would Erin lie?
-Vlad, you asked for proof.
This is it.
There must be a shapeshifter.
It must have used my form.
-Now, will you believe me that you're in danger?
-Or you're a traitor.
Leave me.
You have to do something.
-I said go.
not to be seduced by the Count.
-I believe I can do this.
I'll destroy the Draculas.
What are you going to do?
ELIZABETA (VOICEOVER): You had your chance.
[theme music]
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Young Dracula - BBC Series - Season 4 Ep 8 "Loyalty's for Breathers"

2270 Folder Collection
yi published on February 7, 2015
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