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(introductory music)
- What's up jive, give me skins.
Yeah! Yeah! Cool runnin' sucka, yeah!
Inna darling, what are we making today?
- Today, we're making the Rainbow Sangria guys.
- Look at the array of colors, OK?
Isn't it beautiful?
- I made this one. I think it's the best one.
- See, you have to go out there and show off.
- Oh, I'm gonna show off.
- Let's make this drink.
Betcha that one tastes like ass, though.
White wine. Pour. In here, now.
- [Inna] Like the whole jug of white wine?
- Yes, the whole jug of white wine.
We call it a bottle in America.
But, you can call it a jug.
- I mean, this is a jug.
- What's a jug?
- This one.
- This a pitcher.
- Well, whatever. Same thing.
- OK. Sorry. OK. A jug. My bad.
OK? Now that we have a jug filled with white wine,
we're gonna put some brandy in our jug.
Now that we have Brandy in our jug.
- In the jug! Stop stressing it out, I'm just,
- We're gonna hit it with some honey.
Squeeze some honey up in that bad boy.
- OK. I like honey.
- [Skyy] OK, that's enough.
That's enough.
Soda water!
Oh God, here. Open that bottle.
- What?
OK, if I'm gonna open it,
you're gonna be so ashamed of yourself.
Oh man.
OK, wait. I need a rag.
- Who's, you need a rug?
OK. So now we have a jug and a rug. OK.
Keep going, keep going, keep going.
- [Inna] It was just like finish a little bottle.
- This a Russian massage homeboy.
OK, watch your wallet though.
- Russian massage, how do you?
Do you know what Russian massage is?
You go to sauna. You heat it up to like 150,
and then you this like branches of the,
you know, like branches of the tree
and you just beat each other up.
- [Skyy] Now we give this a little stir.
- Mmhmm.
Ah, you need to try this.
- It's not ready yet.
OK, moving on.
OK. Inna.
- Yep.
- Grapes.
- Woohoo.
- [Skyy] Easy now 'cause you make a nice little layer.
Cantaloupe. Smaller pieces.
- Yep.
- OK, pineapple.
- Green. Yeah.
Red strawberries.
- OK. And we finish out with the red.
- Put these garnishes on here.
Now we're gonna pour, OK?
And we're gonna do this nice and lightly.
Don't let our stuff float up.
And there you have it!
Rainbow sangria!
- [Inna] Wow, looks delicious.
- Go ahead. Taste it.
- You actually, like this is the beginning of the straw.
- Oh, I'm sorry. I put it in the wrong way?
- [Inna] Yeah. It's alright.
Nobody's perfect.
- Well kinda.
- Mmm! Mmm!
- You like it?
- Give me a spoon.
- So that's the thing. That's another thing.
You eat the fruits as you go, OK?
- You know what could be actually even better idea?
- What?
- Like, you could have a bottle
that has like a wider opening.
You do the same thing and like,
pour vodka and sit it for like,
let it sit for a month.
- You had to tie vodka in that?
You had to tie vodka in that!
- Sangria, whatever.
And that could be - No, no, no, no, no!
an amazing present. - No, no,
- don't come with the sangria now.
You know what would be even better?
If we grab a bottle of vodka
and we stick that in there.
The'd be even better!
Viva Russia! What, I don't know how y'all say,
what they say?
What's the Russian thing?
- Hey Pooten.
- No! We don't do Nazi stuff!
- That wasn't a Nazi. Well, I mean I don't know.
- It's pretty Nazi. - OK, OK.
- Sorry. So, what's the Russian one?
- We do slava narodu, which means like umm,
Slava, which means like,
- Slava Narodes.
- Narodu.
- Narodu.
- The pride of the Nation!
You know? - Oh my God.
- Honor this beautiful country.
- True, true.
- Yeah, stuff like that and then,
♫ Na na na na na na na, na na ♫
And then ladies in the back are like,
(imitating music)
I mean, it's a lot of stuff going on.
- OK. Let's go drink some vodka and call it a day.
Tipsy Bartender! We outta here!
Brittany, what are we making?
- [Brittany] Electric Kiwi Margarita.
- [Skyy] Tequila! Pour!
We hit this with a little bit of blue curacao.
Anyway, go ahead.
- Wooo!
- What, you like it?
- It's electrifying!
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Rainbow Sangria - Tipsy Bartender

1131 Folder Collection
vivian published on February 7, 2015
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