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(electric music)
- Nikki, darling.
What are we making today?
- Today we are making
Strawberry Birthday Cake Shots!
- Any reason why you’re so
goddamn formal on this show?
Didn’t I tell you to keep it sexy this year?
And stop going like you going to church!
- This is like, office sexy.
Like that girl in the office, she’s like,
“I could unbutton these.”
- Well, you unbutton ‘em?
- [Nikki] No. - [Skyy] See? See?
- I’m a lady.
- See what I’m saying?
- But I could.
- Let’s make these shots!
Cake vodka! Pour!
- Cake vodka!
- Stop!
Strawberry liqueur!
- Ooh, strawberry liqueur! - [Skyy] Pour!
Vanilla liqueur!
- Vanilla liqueur!
- [Skyy] Stop!
- Oh, that’s pretty.
- Look good right? - [Nikki] Yeah.
- Now hit that with some half and half.
- Okay.
Just a splash, or what?
- No, I can tell you when to stop.
Just want to break up some of the alcohol.
Little bit more.
Okay, perfect.
Now ladies and gentlemen,
here’s where we get technical in Tipsy Bartendage,
cause you know something's gonna be a little different.
Now we hit this
with some Strawberry Cake Mix.
That’s right, homeboy.
- [Nikki] Dang.
- Okay, how do you think it tastes?
- Amazing.
And full of calories.
- Shake it, and keep it sexy!
Make sure to get that cake mix dissolved!
Don’t let it bust all over you, okay?
♫ It’s your birthday
♫ We’re gonna party like it’s your birthday
♫ Drink Bacardi like it’s your birthday
♫ Cause we don’t give a fuck
♫ Cause it’s your birthday ♫
(Skyy laughs) - Done.
- Look at chunks.
Chunks still in here, man.
- That’s what my boyfriend says!
- Steve calls you chunky?
To your face?
That is bold.
Watch out now.
- I’m just kidding, he doesn’t.
He’s a gentleman. - Really?
- My dad, on the other hand,
calls me fat.
All kinds of fat names.
- Really?
Is your dad slim?
- Yes.
He’s an asshole. (Skyy laughs)
- But he’s actually slim?
- Yeah, cause he’s a tiny Filipino guy.
Mm, sexy.
- [Skyy] Leave a little space for whipped cream.
- Yay!
- Way to spill it every-goddamn-where!
- That’s your fault.
(both laugh)
When shit goes wrong this show,
it’s your fault!
- Whipped cream.
♫ You can’t stop the feeling ♫
- Oh, I was like:
♫ Can’t stop, make it drop ♫
♫ You can’t stop the feeling ♫
- Who in your life, early in your childhood,
told you you could sing?
♫ Baby
♫ Put these balls up on ya ♫
- And there you have it!
Strawberry Birthday Cake Shots
made by my boy on Instagram “@letsturnup”
Go ahead, Nikki.
- Let’s turn up!
This one’s the prettiest, so I’m gonna eat it.
How do I...
Is it gonna be like a blowjob shot?
- Kind of.
You just kind of pour it down.
- Mm, tastes like Strawberry Quik.
- You like it? - [Nikki] Strawberry Quik.
- [Skyy] Yeah, it’s got a - [Nikki] I like it.
- taste to it, ya know?
- But it looks like Pepto-bismol,
so I was scared, but it tastes—
- You think I would give you Pepto-bismol?
- Yes, yes I do.
- Well now that you mention that,
you know, if I ever have a pink drink
and I need to, you know, make it look sexy,
I could use Pepto-bismol as my double.
- That’s true.
- Tipsy Bartender sponsored by Pepto-bismol!
Do you have the runs?
Well we’re here for you, okay?
Give your ass a break
and try some Pepto-bismol!
Sponsored by Tipsy Bartender.
- I knew there was a smell in here.
- Keep it sexy.
Thank you for coming out, Nikki Limo.
- You as well, Skyy John.
- Good shooting with you today. - [Nikki] You as well.
- Amazing.
Such a natural talent.
- I’m trying to leave.
(electronic music)
- And there you have it!
Ultimate Rainbow Shots!
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Strawberry Birthday Cake Shots - Tipsy Bartender

1101 Folder Collection
cathy~ published on February 7, 2015
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