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Welcome to howtocookthat.net, I'm Ann Reardon. Today I'm going to show you how to make a
minecraft cake and snacks to go with it for a minecraft party. If you're not familiar
with minecraft it's a game where you go round and create and build and explore a whole massive
To start with you're going to need to bake the actual cake and cover it in buttercream
icing. If you look in the description below the video there is a link to the blog where
you'll find the recipes for the cake and buttercream icing.
To smooth out your buttercream, take some paper towel and put it on the cake and use
a fondant smoother over the top to gently smooth off each side. Then remove the paper
towel and repeat that on each side of the cube. To make the corners nice and sharp,
place some paper towel on top of the cube and put a book or something flat resting on
top of it, then use some paper towel on the fondant smoother and the sides to smooth right
into those corners.
Next you are going to need to color your fondant into four different color browns, light grey
and some different colored greens. If you've not worked with fondant before then you can
watch the video on fondant basics, I'll link to that one at the end of this one. Put some
baking paper over the top of the template and roll out your fondant to the size of the
white square. Sticky tape the baking paper to the bench so that it doesn't move and then
trim off any excess edges so you can see your blue guideline the whole way around. Then
using the lines in that blue section as a guide, cut your fondant using a pizza cutter
into long, straight strips. I find it easiest to use a second piece of plastic sheeting
to cover the strips that are already cut so that they didn't lift up as you run the pizza
cutter down. Once you've done all the strips you need to turn the fondant around and repeat
the process to cut them into squares. If you find that your fondant is starting to stick
the pizza cutter then you just need to wash and dry the blade really well.
Next take a fresh sheet of baking paper and place it over the template. Rub some Crisco
or butter or margarine in a thin layer all over the paper, and this is going to help
the fondant squares to stay in place exactly where you put them. Then take some paper towel
and wipe off any excess. Sticky tape your baking paper to the bench making sure you
line up one edge of your baking paper with one edge of the white square. Then start placing
your brown squares into place mixing the different colors together and using a ruler to straighten
up your sides. Once you get near to the top of your template you're going to need to add
some green squares there as well. Once you've completely finished brush the fondant with
a little water. This helps them to stick to each other and it's also going to help them
to stick to the cake. Slide your baking paper onto something thin but firm and then use
that to lift it up and line up the bottom edge of your fondant with the base of the
cake then carefully tilt it up and push it into position and use your fondant smoother
to smooth it in place. Then slowly and carefully peel off your baking paper being especially
careful with the squares at the edges.
To cover the top of your cake, don't put any water on those green fondant squares. Just
place a piece a cardboard on top and flip it over so the fondant is resting on the board.
Line up one edge and then slide the board out from underneath it and gently peel off
your baking paper.
Then you need to do your other remaining three sides. After that if you've got any patience
left you can use your leftover fondant squares to decorate small cubes of cake or your honeycomb
chocolate coated pieces.
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Minecraft Cake Recipe tutorial 3D by Ann Reardon How To Cook That

1121 Folder Collection
欧锦谦 published on February 7, 2015
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