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The 'ah' as in 'father' vowel sound. This vowel sound has more jaw drop, ah, than any
other vowel in American English. So make sure you're really getting a nice drop there. Ah,
father. The tongue presses down, ah, ah, ah, which you'll see in the photo. Ah. The tip
of the tongue is forward, ah, lightly touching just behind the bottom teeth. Ah, father.
The rest of the mouth has a neutral position. Here is the 'ah' as in 'father sound on the
right compared with the mouth at rest on the left. Notice how much the jaw has dropped
in the 'ah' as in 'father' sound. Here, inside parts of the mouth are drawn in. Notice that,
as in all vowels, the soft palate is raised. But more importantly, notice that the tongue
has pressed down and is flatter. I feel this especially towards the back. Sample words:
mom, collar, bother, bottle. Sample sentence: You can see my apartment from the Top of the
Rock when there's no fog. Now you'll see this sentence up close and in slow motion, both
straight on and from an angle, so you can really study how the mouth moves when making
this sound. You. Now, the word 'can' here is reduced, so it's kknn. The teeth come together
for 'see'. My, the next word, apartment, has an ah in the second syllable. Now you're saying
here perhaps, the tongue is not flat and the lips are not relaxed. That is because the
ah sound here is followed by an R consonant sound, and the R consonant sound takes over
this ah vowel. So the jaw drops for the vowel, but even as you are beginning this vowel sound,
the lips and the tongue start moving into position for the R consonant sound. Apar--,
arr. But still make sure you get in a good ah sound before the rr. Ah, rr. The -ment
of apartment. From the, two very quick words. Teeth come together for the tt and the jaw
drops for the 'ah' as in 'father' in 'top'. Of the Rock. Again, the 'ah' as in 'father'
sound. And you can see the lips are relaxed, the tongue is down. When there's, tongue comes
up for the N and down. No, and the lip comes up, ff, for the F sound. Fog. Another 'ah'
as in 'father' sound. And you can see the lips are relaxed, the jaw is dropped, and
the tongue is flat. You, lips forming this tight circle for the second part of the 'ew'
as in 'few' diphthong. Can -- now here it pronounced kknn, it is reduced. Tongue up
to make the N, teeth together to make the S. See, lips together to make the M, my. And
the 'ai' as in 'buy' diphthong. Apartment, 'ah' as in 'father' followed by the R consonant.
So just as before, you can see that the tongue is back somewhat, preparing for the R consonant
sound. And the lips have begun to round as well in preparation for that. You can see
how far back the tongue is. Apartment. Lips together to make the M. From, lip up to make
the F. The top, teeth together to make the T, and here is the 'ah' as in 'father', very
relaxed drop. Now here you can see that the tongue is relaxed, and laying on the bottom
of the mouth. Top, lips together to make the P. Of the Rock. Lips make the R and open again
into the 'ah' as in 'father' sound. And you can see the tongue moving up in the back to
make the kk sound. When there's no fog. Bottom lip up to make the F, and again the 'ah' as
in 'father' vowel sound. And again, you can see the tongue moving up in the back to make
the gg sound. That's it, and thanks so much for using Rachel's English.
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English: How to Pronounce [ɑ] AH vowel: American Accent

2589 Folder Collection
Anbe2623 published on February 4, 2015
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