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Hey, I thought I might show you how to
make a really simple and tasty chocolate cake in a mug in
only 5 minutes
It's pretty quick and easy
All you have to do is first of all add
4 tablespoons of self-raising flour, and 4 tablespoons of caster sugar
into a decent sized mug
Then add two tablespoons of cocoa powder to make it really chocolatey
Carefully crack one medium-sized egg into the mug
...and try not to get any shell into it like I always seem to do
Mix the ingredients, then add a few drops of vanilla extract
...three tablespoons of vegetable oil or sunflower oil
...and three tablespoons of milk
Mix the ingredients really well, paying special attention to any unmixed flour that may be at the bottom of the mug
Once everything is mixed, place the mug on a microwavable plate
...and put on full heat in the microwave for around two minutes
You will need to be really careful with this part
watch it while it's in the microwave
when it's risen and doesn't seem to be rising anymore, turn the microwave off
If you leave it in for too long, it will be dry or may burn
...so take my timings only as a guide
...and your cake in a mug is done!
Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoy the cake!
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How to Make a 5 Minute Cake in a Mug!

1284 Folder Collection
Phoebe published on February 2, 2015
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