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911. Operator 911.
Where is the emergency?
127 Brimmer.
Okay. What's going on there?
I'd like to order a pizza for delivery.
Ma'am, you reach 911.
- This is an emergency line. - Yes. Large with half Pepperoni half mushroom.
Um, you know you call 911.
- This is an emergency line. - Do you know... how long it will be?
Okay, ma'am.
Is everything okay over there?
Do you have an emergency or not?
And you aren't able to talk because...
Right! Right!
Okay. Is there someone in the room with you?
Just say yes or no.
Okay. Um...
It looks... like I have an officer about a mile from your location.
Are there any weapons in your house?
- Can you stay on the phone with me? - No.
Ah. See you soon. Thank you.
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NO MORE's Official Super Bowl Ad: 60 Second

246960 Folder Collection
沈家后 published on January 31, 2015    沈家后 translated    Wendy reviewed
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