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  • That's the sound of a cooler coming down off a shelf.

  • It's the sound of imminent fun.

  • So why even cooler design change in almost fifty years?

  • Boring coolers are boring, break easily.

  • And our pain to get to from your destination.

  • I want a cooler that was really well-built, yet has so much fun built into that they'll look for excuses to get outside and enjoy.

  • So, I created the COOLEST.

  • The COOLEST completely redesigned what a cooler can be.

  • First, you got this 18 Volt rechargeable blender.

  • You don't realize the number of places you can really go for blend a cocktail or smoothie until you got a blender built right into the lid.

  • You're already carrying around a cooler full of ice and tasty beverages.

  • Why not blend them up, and become a summer time hero anytime, anywhere?

  • And what's a party without music?

  • The COOLEST comes with a remote blue-tooth speaker that connects to any smart phone to wireless stream music up to thirty feet away.

  • It's amazing where speaker technology has come in the last few years!

  • You can skip songs and adjust the volume right from your phone.

  • And this little box can really put out some sound!

  • And since you got that 18 Volt battery for the blender, why not get the most out of it?

  • Maybe your camera's battery is low.

  • Or, maybe you have an iPhone and want to use it after 2:00 in the afternoon!

  • Recharge your gear wherever you want with this waterproof USB charger.

  • The party doesn't stop just because the sun goes down.

  • And you shouldn't have to freeze your fingers searching endlessly for your favorite drink.

  • The COOLEST has waterproof LED lights embeded in the lids.

  • You can easily find what you're looking for with the push of the button.

  • One of the biggest hassles of outdoor fun is holding your gear back and forth from the car.

  • And I've experimented with various ways to solve the problem.

  • I love the coolers with wheels.

  • But I hate that they refuse to help to carry anything else.

  • The COOLEST has you covered with locking tie-down bungees.

  • You can carry all your stuff in just one trig.

  • And what about getting organized to go out in the first place?

  • The COOLEST helps out almost like a picnic basket!

  • To make sure you always have a few key essentials with built-in storage for reusable plates, slash cutting boards and this awesome, rust-proof ceramic knife.

  • Plus, the removable divider give you a whole new level of flexible packing options.

  • You can pull the drain plug on one side, and your COOLEST can stay dry and cool just like your refrigerator.

  • Say goodbye to soggy sandwiches!

  • Regular cooler tires are flimsy, and sink right into the sand.

  • We design the COOLEST's wheel to be twice as wide to roll twice as easily.

  • But how many hours of your life have you lost looking for a bottle opener?

  • My grandpa's cooler had one, and so does the COOLEST.

  • I create products for a living.

  • And the manufactures of the COOLEST had lined up a world-class sourcing company with years of experience making top-shelf products

  • And they're standing by the coordinate all stages of production in just it is.

  • Just to make sure you not only get your COOLEST on time, but is the highest quality COOLEST we can possibly make.

  • As you can see, we're over design finalized, and ready for the big rigs.

  • But to move to the next stage requires expensive tooling to pay for all the COOLEST parts.

  • And the capital of buying our components at a volume discount.

  • If you go out today and buy all the gear with packing the COOLEST, it will cost you over five hundred dollars

  • Well, by backing this Kickstart campaign.

  • For just $180, you can be one of the first people in the world with the cooler.....

  • It's actually the COOLEST.

That's the sound of a cooler coming down off a shelf.

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