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  • He didn’t’ show up.

  • Alison, I’m here and I’ll always be here.

  • Have you ordered yet?

  • No.

  • I’m starving. Can we get some menus and a round of shots?

  • This girl got stood up.

  • I’ll never speak to him again. I’m deleting from my phone right now. Tim is dead to me.

  • I think youre wrong. I think we can really make it work.

  • Tim is the worst. I know.

  • Did you get it? Wait no. fix your bangs. Sorry.

  • Do them like that. Thank you.

  • Where should I look? Look at me.

  • Big smile? Small smile? Big smile? Small smile?

  • Okay, I’m not gonna let you take a bad picture.

  • Okay. Calm down.

  • Yea. There’s a good sign.

  • Make their own video game. Therere tons of women that are game developer.

  • Actually, I don’t know if you guys have read tweets about it. But there’s…

  • Youre shouting.

  • Oh. Anywayyeah, that’s the subject I’m very passionate about.

  • I’ve been doing recon. I ask my friend Lis’s last name. I found his Facebook, instagram, tweeter.

  • Looks like he’s single. Also, he goes to this bartomorrowevery Tuesday. So we should go tomorrow.

  • That’s perfect. I got you a bagel.

  • Youre the best.

  • Hey, do you have 15 minutes to talk to while I eat this barrito?

  • Did you see that picture I sent to you?

  • Yea. What’s that about?

  • I don’t know I think I should go to see a doctor.

  • Yes. It looks like shingles. Oh my god, do you get that twice?

  • As pretty hours get off of cheer lead, I really got a hit to it.

  • Alison, I need your right now. There’s a crisis. Sorry.

  • The crisis is that is boring. Oh. I thought something happen to Tim.

  • No, but he did send a worst text I’ve ever seen in my life.

  • I throw up all over the bathroom.

  • Okay, I’ll get them up.

  • (text) Made it home safe! (text) We made out in his car!!

  • Did you text Alison that we just made out? Of course, I did. She’s my best friend.

  • You get stuff for free because of that.

  • Youre right. I got stood up.

  • Shots. My best friend come safe me.

  • Shots. Shots. Shots. Shots. Shots….

He didn’t’ show up.

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