B1 Intermediate UK 2017 Folder Collection
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high kids sunday news here there to draft the people in this world but for
now been criminals and officers of the law so that's why i'm here to show you
had become a police officer
let's go
to director just step one
parking enforcement
one important thing effect always remember that
you are legally parked there back body for handicapped dividend about
arrangements or above this move might cause i don't think i
step to problem solving began having a problem with something
suing usually helps
picnics and
tonight's meeting
step three speeding violations one of the first to be in a cop is women always
flash their police to get out of take it
is there
anything i could do their you think that it is
kidded hospital
step far staying hydrated
step five
flag it's always fun to play call other departments
we don't know what is the only thing for you don't worry about holistic
it's your own why
nose at the end
you know she's deadly
gold mine so
step six
line placement
no matter what anyone says jaywalking eighth of crime
dan gaining and sorry sir i a disputed cross right here what you said he used a
crosswalk keep developing cram it all but there's not even any cars coming
because your
we have lots for reason
defiance dot the food chain walking you could i just think killed by a car just
now you stupid crap
to see the movers and another important step on how to be a top click the link
in the description and the loud
six three six grammys didn't mind being criminal standards dot begging for
systematic manner so that was a decade which is very different score
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Smosh : HOW TO BE A COP!

2017 Folder Collection
宋祥瑋 published on December 25, 2014
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