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This is a story of a small village of northeast Japan, Inakadate.
The village famous for rice was struggling with an aging and declining population along with drop in sales since Japanese eating habits have shifted away from rice toward the more westernized food.
Nevertheless, the village's main income source remains rice so a new project was launched to save the village by trying a new light on its rice production.
Rice Code.
By planting different colors of rice, we created huge art pictures in our rice field.
We then developed a new technology called "Rice Code". It reads the rice art like a QR code and drives graphic to EC sites.
The rice harvests there would home-deliver directly.
It was acceptable to the visitors because Japanese customers use QR code daily.
Rice code fast forms the scene that people naturally want to photograph and do a brand new selling place.
Purchases can also be made from posters or images shared on Facebook.
This new project has been mentioned and shared on many blogs and news sites.
As a result, visitors increase thirty times of population of the village and sales jump dramatically.
The power of rice revived the village again.
This movement even moved the government to build the special train station for the visitors.
Field, the oldest outdoor creative, is now the newest.
Rice Code.
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Rice Code

31664 Folder Collection
彭彥婷 published on December 21, 2014    彭彥婷 translated    Halu Hsieh reviewed
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