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This video is a look at the new Power7 Plus based, Power 750 and Power 760 service. This
is the Power7 Plus based, Power 750 server in a standard 19 inch rack. Takes up 5U of
space compared to the old 750 which took up 4U. The 750 can scale up to 32 Power7 Plus
processor cores and 1TB of memory. The 760 can scale up to 48 cores and 2 TB of memory.
At the bottom we can see the 6 internal SaS discs and at the right hand side, we can see
the optical drive and the operator panel. This is the rear view of the Power 750. On
the left you can see the service processor. This has ports to connect to the hardware
management console, a USB port, and SPCN ports all used when connecting to I/O drawers. To
the right of the service processors, we can see 6 PCIe Gen 2 slots. These connect internally
to two Power7 I/O chips, providing up to 40 GB per second bandwidth. At the top, on the
right we can see two GX++ slots. The top slot is populated with a GX++ adaptor for connecting
to external I/O drawers. Below this are two 1925 Watt power supplies. At the bottom right
is the integrated multi function card. The card installed here provides two 10GB SFP+
Ethernet ports, two RJ45 GB Ethernet ports, two USB ports, and the serial port. In addition
between the power supplies and the , you can see an external SaS ports for connecting
external SaS drawers. Here, we can see the Power 750 server in its service position.
The front half of the server slides out on rails to give access to the processes and
the memory. At the front of the server, we can see two installs dual chip modules with
their . This server has two free processes sockets for future upgrades. The
memory sockets have spaces installed to aid airflow. Further back, we can see that each
DCM connects to two memory riser cards which are populated with . This is a
view of the Power 7 Plus processor chip. It has up to 8 cores and integrates the level
3 cache on the chip using eDRAM technology. The Power 7 Plus has 10 MB of level 3 cache
per core, two and a half times as much as the Power 7 chip. The Power 750 and the Power
760 use dual chip modules. Each DCM in the Power 750 is made up of two 4 core Power 7
Plus chips. Each DCM in the Power 760 is made up of two 6 core Power 7 Plus chips. For more
information, look at the IBM Redbooks site at www.redbooks.ibm.com
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IBM Power Systems 750 and 760 Hardware Walkthrough

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dlih722 published on December 21, 2014
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