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What up Drinks Tube it is DJ BBQ and today we are blending up for you the most tastiest
of concoctions. A pumpkin pie smoothie. Luxurious, tasty, vegan, gluten free. Great for sharing
its packed with pumpkin spicy flavours and for my American brethren, just in time for thanksgiving.
To start off we need 2 bananas - ananas. So
you guys go into our lovely blender of awesome-tacular-ness. Get in there.
We're gona' go with a handful of ice. Now, for the coconut milk. So 250ml or a cup to my friends on the other side of
lake Atlantic. Creamy awesome goodness! Next up 5 ounces or 150g of pumpkin puree.
You can get it out of a can or you can get it our of a pumpkin. In you go. Woo-oh.
Coconut milk, pumpkin puree, ice, two bananas, and we're ready to go. Come on ice do you're thing.
Next up, we need 3 tablespoons of maple syrup.
Oh man it's the nectar of the Gods. Woo-oh. Trois. Ok and now, we're gona' go with a teaspoon
of vanilla bean extract. Woo wee. Get in there man. And finally we're gonna' go with half
a teaspoon of cinnamon. Woo-oh and then we hit it with another blend.
It just smells of the holidays man, thanksgiving. Oh my gosh. Oh that is so good, but we're not done yet.
We're gonna' get our glasses over here. Oh my gosh, right. Healthy, gluten free, vegan.
DJ BBQ can even do vegan food. But these need a couple more sprinklings of flavour.
Nutmeg. Get your microplane out, a dusting of nutmeg. Fruity, kind of moorish flavour you know.
Then, we're gonna' give it a tiny little dusting of ginger, dry ginger. Not too much, you don't
have to add the ginger just kind of rocking these autonomal, rad flavours. And then I've
been toasting some nuts, you don't have to toast them but i kind of like that roasty,
toasty flavour. So we're gonna' chop up some of these bad boys. Little bit of these bad
boys on there. Oh my gosh, and this is great for like an after school snack maybe you've
just had a nice sleep and you want to start the day with something flavourful. Oh my gosh.
Here we go, nectar of the Gods. Oh wow. That is so good, man, phenomenal. And if you guys
want to see Jamie Oliver's pumpkin punch click on the link in the description box below.
And if you haven't subscribed to Drinks Tube, why not man? It's free. There's a button over
there and if you haven't hit up my channel DJ BBQ there's a button on that side. I also
want to hear from you guys, what, what, do you like to drink around the holiday season?
Comment below, let me know. I'm DJ BBQ and i'm gonna' snack back on the rest of this
beautiful tipple man. Woo-oh. That's so good.
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Pumpkin Pie Smoothie for Thanksgiving | DJ BBQ

1302 Folder Collection
Eating published on November 26, 2014
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