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HI guys and welcome back to the workout show here on Prozis TV.
I am Rob Riches and if you caught me in the earlier part of the show
you saw me training four main exercises for triceps
Well fast-forward and we are moving on to biceps now.
And like with triceps, starting with the biggest movement first.
I am going to do bar curls, but Olympic bar curls. The reason for this is,
They have the ball bearing ends which allow the weight to rotate round therefore I get
kind of an unrestricted movement
without having the weight spin round or fixed as they are on a normal straight bar.
So warm up first, just the Olympic bar. About 20kilos here and focus on full extension at the bicep and technique.
About 30 seconds rest then I can start to load some weight and progressively build into my heavy work sets.
Even though I have trained triceps I still need to effectively warm up,
get some blood, nutrients and oxygen in to the bicep area. So,
2 or 3 sets of increasingly adding more weight…
You know I have got to tell you, one of my best exercises for the entire body.
Not to work the entire body, but for the biceps.
And that’s because it is one of the best mass building exercises.
To really hit that width you know the main bulk of the bicep
Once I have gone heavy on this and pretty much depleted that part of the arm of all its energy,
I can start to work in and do more isolated exercises to target.
More and greater use of the outer and different areas of the muscle. So
start big, go heavy and then as you start to get tired,
Work down to more isolated and even body weighted exercises.
Now that I am starting to overload the bar or more so my muscle…
my technique and form, really has to be impeccable so
I will often stand with one leg cocked back, kind of like a kick stand,
On a bike, keep my chest and shoulders up and this keeps me very solid
in my kind of body position so I am not rocking back and forth as opposed to keeping my feet next to each other,
And every time I lift swinging forwards with my hips so this keeps me in a more fixed stable position to lift from.
I say one more set and then move on to start to work in to more isolated exercises for the bicep.
Final exercise on bar curl, for this one I have added a little bit more weight.
I may not get 12 but that’s ok, if I don’t…
Strip these two 10lbs plates off and continue for as many reps as I can
until my form can no longer withstand it.
Hey at least I got a solid 4 more reps.
Ok take the plates back off and move onto our next exercise
and for this one I think a bit of isolation is in need for.
Onto the hammer curl for my next bicep exercise and
the reason I like doing this one after that big kind of mass compound bicep curl,
Is that I am now fully supported, so all of the stress has to come from the bicep, there is no rocking back and forth
And seeing as though it is the second exercise I am a little bit lower on energy than when I first started.
So an isolation ensures maximal,
Kind of involvement of that bicep muscle without swaying back and forth and going purely for power and size.
Good weight, repetitions for 12
That’s a great feeling, right now I have got to get some water and stay well hydrated
The key is small increments so
every set of each exercise I am trying to push my body harder, trying to make the muscle work harder
And have to lift more weight, therefore overloading and creating further microtears
within that muscle kind of bundle or the fibers
But for me, try to keep the rep range the same so 12 reps, heavier weight
That’s when you know you are having a good workout, when you really feel the muscle
Get that pump, all that blood pumping into the muscle.
If you have taken any pre workout supplements, a favorite stack of mine,
L-Arginine or Beta Alantine, take some BCAA’s and glutamine.
A bit of nitric oxide to really open out those veins get a bit of vasodilation going on
Which will force more nutrients, oxygen and blood.
You name it, into that muscle to be more effective at working
Ok full stack now, final work set and now again I am going to incorporate that drop
set lifting as much weight as I can for at least 4 or 5 reps, that’s my ceiling limit
Or rather my lower limit for as much weight
until I can effectively drop it down and still keeping good form and technique
Now when I drop it down,
I am only dropping it by one or two plates or increments down, I am not taking a whole lot of weight off
Biceps are feeling pumped now
With what little energy I have left, lets move onto the final exercise
and once again utilizing an isolation movement to really work in the inner,
kind of smaller areas of the arm
Final exercise for arms now
and for this I am using the low cable pulleys and doing basically dumbbell curls but with cables
and on this I get that nice smooth contraction throughout the entire range of movement
It really allows me to force that contraction at the end and hold the squeeze
I have definitely still got a little bit left to give yet, so
lets add some more weight and finish off those final 2 sets on a high
I usually go high reps,
on cables only because I get that consistent tension throughout its entirety of the movement
So I can feel like I can push it a little harder without losing energy
from having to force that dead weight up and taking it through a kind of shorter range of motion so,
Cables are typically saved for the end of the workout,
just to give it that final kind of push before I leave the gym
Final set for arms, last workout
And as I have been doing for the final kind of exercise for triceps as well,
adding in that isometric contraction the end of the set on the last exercise
Just to really get that most of the
kind of energy out of the muscle force and get the blood in and really hit that contraction hard
And on that note it is the end of another workout show filmed exclusively for Prozis TV
But hey if you want to see your favorite body part trained,
whether its for muscle growth or fat loss getting read for summer,
Hit me up on the Prozis nutrition page
or follow me on twitter @robriches.com and we can talk there. See you then
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Rob Riches' biceps workout

1701 Folder Collection
馮体康 published on November 15, 2014
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