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The world's population is projected to reach 11 billion by the end of the century. Feeding
that many people will be a challenge, and it is further complicated by the impact of
climate change on agriculture. That is why some people advocate an unusual way to boost
the food supply and feed people sustainably: by eating less meat, and more insects.
About 2 billion people already eat bugs. Mexicans enjoy chili-toast grasshoppers. Thais tucking
to cricket stir-fries and Ghanians snack on termites. Insects are slowly creeping onto
Western menus as novelty items, but most people remain squeamish. Yet there are three reasons
why eating insects make sense.
First, they are healthier than meat. There are nearly 2,000 kinds of edible insects,
many of them packed with protein, calcium, fibre, iron and zinc. A small serving of crickets
can contain the same or more protein as similarly sized serving of beef, but have half
the fat and far fewer calories.
Second, raising insects is cheap, or free. Little technology or investment is needed
to produce them. Harvesting insects could provide livelihoods to some of the world’s
poorest people.
Finally, insects are a far more sustainable source of food than livestock. Livestock production
accounts for nearly a fifth of all greenhouse-gas emissions – that’s more than transport.
By contrast, insects produce relatively fewer greenhouse gases, and raising them requires
much less land and water. And they'll eat almost anything.
Despite all this, most Westerners find insects hard to swallow. One solution is to use protein
extracted from bugs in other products, such as ready meals and pasta sauces. Not having
to look at the bugs, and emphasis on the environmental benefits, might make the idea of eating insects
a bit more palatable.
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Why eating insects makes sense

21419 Folder Collection
wu6u3 published on December 28, 2014    許武忠 translated    Gisele Sung reviewed
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