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  • I'm standing here in the "Contact and Conflict" galleries in "The Story of Virginia,"

  • amid a collection of paintings of Pocahontas.

  • You may notice that no two of these images are identical,

  • and it's obvious that the public's perception of this Powhatan woman have changed considerably

  • in the 400-some years since her life.

  • The truth is we know very little about Pocahontas. She never kept a diary,

  • never wrote any letters, and never gave anyone her life story,

  • so we must rely instead on secondhand accounts of her life from people who lived around her.

  • Even Pocahontas's name is a source of confusion.

  • In her community, she would have been known as Matoaka,

  • when she was baptized she changed her name to Rebecca,

  • and her nickname, Pocahontas, meant "little wanton" or "little plaything,"

  • and was likely given to her because of her playful nature.

  • Pocahontas was likely born around 1596, and according to William Strachey's descriptions

  • of Pocahontas upon her first contact with the Europeans, she was prepubescent,

  • wore no clothing, and sported a rather ragged hairdo, thanks the haircut she would've been given

  • using shells to grate off her locks.

  • Pocahontas would've been no stranger to hard labor, and her appearance

  • would've reflected her daily work.

  • Women in her community were responsible for gathering water, collecting firewood,

  • digging for roots, as well as maintaining most of the crops that would've been consumed by the town.

  • As Powhatan's daughter, Pocahontas would have enjoyed a certain amount of status among her village,

  • but she wouldn't have liked the term "princess" that the Englishmen would later refer to her as.

  • Because Powhatan's power passed through matrilineal lines, Pocahontas and her siblings

  • wouldn't have expected to take control after their father's death.

I'm standing here in the "Contact and Conflict" galleries in "The Story of Virginia,"

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