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  • Hi, my name's Pete. I'm an IELTS tutor

  • and company director of

  • You're about to watch Inga, from Russia,

  • answer some IELTS Part 3 Speaking questions on the topic of ideas in the workplace.

  • About a year before we made this recording, Inga got an IELTS band score 8 for her Speaking,

  • and so her speaking is a good example of how good your speaking needs to be

  • to get this band score.

  • As you listen to Inga, notice how fluently she answers my questions.

  • What I mean by that is notice how easy it is for her to keep going

  • and how few hesitations or pauses she makes

  • to look for the right words or grammar to say what she wants to say.

  • You should also notice how coherently she answers my questions,

  • and what I mean by coherently is how clearly she organises her ideas

  • so that it's easy for me to follow her ideas, to follow what she's saying.

  • Moving on now to ideas in the workplace.

  • Do you think employers should encourage their workers to have new ideas about improving the company?

  • Well, I would say it's pretty similar to kids.

  • However, it's important for... maybe to organise some kind of steps you know

  • like if employees have a new idea that he or she should share with colleagues

  • and then share with the boss maybe a little later

  • because generally speaking more people are working in businesses.

  • They're quite busy and sometimes they...

  • If it's only one person will come and share every single idea he or she has in mind,

  • it can get a little annoying and distracting for very busy businessmen.

  • Maybe, it's definitely a good idea to encourage new ideas

  • but at the same time maybe it would be a really good idea to...

  • for a big boss to think how they can organise ideas coming through

  • to make it easier for employees and for employer.

  • That's what I'm thinking.

  • Do you think sometimes people dislike ideas just because they're new?

  • Yes, absolutely. It's known that people are scared of new changes.

  • They feel comfortable with what they're used to and they often will stuck to it

  • because it's just something they know,

  • and new changes they can be positive things but quite often it can be negative things,

  • or it can be harder work or more things to sort out,

  • or just something new brings new expectations probably as well.

Hi, my name's Pete. I'm an IELTS tutor

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