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All the things that you need to get done are stored all over,
in your email inbox, on random pieces of paper, or in your brain.
You often forget to do things.
You get overwhelmed by big tasks, and overall your mind feels cluttered.
If you want to be a ninja at getting things done, you need a system.
Here are some tips.
First, collect everything you have to do in one place.
This is a big brain dump where you can write down any task that comes to mind.
Whenever you think of something you have to do, don't store it in your prefrontal cortex.
Write it down. We call this your inbox.
Next, put things from your inbox into a place you know you will look at, at the right time.
This might be your calendar, a shopping list or in a project folder.
Speaking of projects, if a task can't be done without a series of steps,
then you need to turn that task into a project by brainstorming every individual step required to complete that project.
Start practicing these simple things, and you'll find that your mind is clear, and you're knocking out tasks one at a time.
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How to Get Things Done!

228008 Folder Collection
林曉玉 published on March 26, 2019
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