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"Oh, can you lend me your glasses?" "Can I borrow your glasses?" "Oh, here." "Thank you."
"Lending" is like "giving temporarily"; "borrowing" is like "taking temporarily."
And finally this news from New York's Michael Southern Manhattan. Last week a British woman asked to borrow just twenty dollars and offered to leave her three hundred thousand dollar Rolls-Royce.
as security. The bank manager took the car and lent her the money
Today she repaid the loan and drove off in her Rolls. We asked her why she'd leave her expensive car as security for just a twenty-dollar loan.
Well, how else could I find parking in New York for a week for only twenty dollars?
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Lend and Borrow: A One Minute English Lesson

10788 Folder Collection
金柏嘉 published on October 8, 2014    金柏嘉 translated    Sunny Hsu reviewed
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