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Good morning!
Good news everybody, we're getting free lunch today.
Whether you needed it or not.
Awwwww, food baby.
You have too much love to give.
I could totally have a cat, or six.
Oh, Steven...
You keep in close touch with your parents.
Hey Mom, are you excited to have me home for Thanksgiving?
Hey listen, can you book the plane ticket?
Yeah but Dad, how do you even know when you have to pay taxes?
What do you mean everybody pays them?
No, yeah, but why would I pay any more than the minimum?
Anything can and will become a toy.
Treats excites you.
We have Pop Tarts now!
You cannot take anything seriously.
Can you believe Scotland didn't get its independence?
I know, right? It's like, "They may take our lives but they'll never take our freedom!"
It's from Braveheart, guys...
Some things will always be funny.
This is a responsibility that our company takes seriously.
It should be everybody's personal duty to care about it.
You have something to add, Gabby?
Um... you said "duty," so...
Yes, serious duties... for all of us.
Everyone in here, this is a personal duty, serious duty.
Personal duty.
Duty, duty, duty.
Personal duty.
Yes, a very serious duty.
We each have a serious duty?
Yes, inside of us.
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Signs You’re Still Not An Adult

109604 Folder Collection
Gisele Sung published on March 14, 2015    Gisele Sung translated    金柏嘉 reviewed
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