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I'm coming in. Ha.
I have made a few of these in the past.
I've made "What A Girl’s Hair Means", "What A Girl’s Makeup Means", "What A Girl’s Nails Mean"
And this has been the most requested video along those lines for what something means
And it's what a girl's shoes mean
Because there's lots of different types of shoes. There's all kinds.
And they all speak to different parts of your personality
And I wear like all of these
So, don't worry. I'm insulting myself as much as I am anyone else.
So here is: What A Girl's Shoes Mean
Sneakers mean: I'm so active.
Like can you tell how active I am?
I'm burning so many calories just like wearing my sneakers
I like to wear them just like to walk around like to the Pinkberry, and like get some froyo, you know?
Most people only get like two toppings, but I'm gonna get like all the toppings
Because I've been so good this week like I only ate like asparagus for like days.
Flip-flops mean: It's so hot out.
And I also love denim skirts.
My feet like sometimes get really dirty from my flip-flops
It's not my feet. It's my flip-flops
And sometimes my flip-flops are really dirty, but it's not my feet.
Heeled flip-flops with wedge means: I'm going somewhere formal
But it's also hot, but I also need to be casual
And it also means: I can't walk on grass, 'cause if I do, I'm gonna roll my ankle and break it
But it doesn't matter, because there's no grass in Vegas or Cabo or Dubai or daddy's yacht.
White tennis shoes mean: I'm going to Disneyland with my kids on a Saturday
Hoping all sun and no lines
Don't worry, honey, we can totally breastfeed Tommy while we're waiting in line for Space Mountain
And don't forget your visor or else you're not getting a churro
Or white tennis shoes mean: I'm a cheerleader. I practice my little kicks.
You're being a "cheertator", Torrance and a pain in my ass.
White tennis shoes also mean: Daddy, you said I could borrow the Tahoe this weekend.
Crocs mean: I enjoy bizarre tan lines and having my feet get wet like all the time.
I like wearing them so much that when the tread goes down, I just fall down when anything is slippery.
They're like giant hard feet condoms with holes in them.
They're like rap video hoes condoms for your feet.
Kitten heels mean: Ugh, I just ate a burrito.
I tried to get dressed up, but my thighs are chafing, so, I mean, I tried.
Cowboy boots mean: (If you're not from a southern state) I dance on bars for a living, for free.
Then I get kicked out for dancing on bars for a living, for free.
You guys want to see Kenny Chesney this weekend?
'Cause I heard that he's playing at Texas.
I'm from the suburbs.
Uggs mean: These are actually quite comfortable shoes
Or, I just wanna be comfy because I have class today.
I'm a PR major with a minor in sucking hockey bench players' dicks.
Fake Uggs mean: I've actually been to Australia.
And I can't tell which of these stores and selling real Uggs and fake Uggs.
I'm a tourist.
Riding boots mean: If you're near a horse, it means, you're going to ride a horse.
If you're not near a horse, it means: I'm gonna ride your dick.
Thigh-high boots mean: I'm like 4 drinks away from putting your dick in my mouth, but not my vagina.
Toe shoes mean: I love rock climbing and strengthening the arch of my foot.
Like I love feeling the ground. I’m also available on Craigslist later to fuck you and your wife.
But also my pit-bull Newfoundland blue ridgeback mix needs to come with us
And please bring full bladders.
Clear stripper heels mean: I'm at work right now.
Or, I'm available for work right now. Name your price.
Or, I don't know how to act right.
Platform heels mean: this is the point of my week where I start drinking
Or, if you play your cards right, you might see one of the hidden creases of my ass tonight, through my shorts.
A closed-toe pump means: I'm so classy and sophisticated.
And obnoxious colored closed-toe pump means: my daddy owns like 1.5 mostly used car dealerships and like 3 lanes of the bowling alley.
Like you should be so lucky to buy me some take-out lobster
Plus, we have a timeshare in Tampa.
A strappy open-toe shoe means: I heard Mario Lopez is gonna be at the club tonight.
Look who's getting pregnant?
Heelys mean: I'm on my way to fuck your bitch.
Or I'm nine, or both.
Rollerblade or roller skates mean: I want everyone in my area to see my ass
A low heel means: I'm kind of insecure about being the tall girl
But I want it to sound like I dressed up tonight.
I don't know what to do with my long legs. What a burden.
You guys are so lucky you can wear heels. Ugh.
Being barefoot means: Get some fucking shoes.
And lastly, Timberlands on a girl means:
Bad bitch alert. Bad bitch contest, you're in first place.
So yeah, that's what a girl's shoes mean.
Because I'm just all-knowing of everything
And this video made so much sense
Alright, say make sure you subscribe to our channel. We put on a new video every Wednesday/ Thursday
Can you say, "I love you?"
That was a good “I love you”, good boy.
Okay, bye.
That ratchet hair, though, Jenna
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What A Girl's Shoes Mean

16830 Folder Collection
Go Tutor published on September 28, 2014
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