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  • Hey there! Welcome to Life Noggin!

  • As you humans age, your body goes through lots of  changes and one of those changes is wrinkled skin.

  • People spend a lot of money to try to  stop or reverse this process. Worldwide,  

  • over $60 billion are spent on  anti-wrinkle skin care products.

  • But the cause of wrinkles isn't just skin deep.  

  • It's the same process that causes  your arteries to stiffen as you age,  

  • which could cause serious health problemslike heart disease or kidney damage.

  • Yeah these things are linked and we might be  able to prevent both of them. Let me dive deeper!

  • When your heart beats, artery walls expand and  contract. This happens with the help of proteins,  

  • or long chain-like moleculesthat form a stretchy web-like  

  • structure around the walls. This  is called the extracellular matrix.

  • But sometimes, blood sugar  molecules will break open,  

  • revealing their sticky ends. And every once inwhile, these ends will stick to the proteins in  

  • the extracellular matrix and form a rigid  bridge between them called a cross-link.

  • Eventually, as more and more sugar molecules  create cross-links, the once stretchy web  

  • becomes stiff, making it difficult to expand and  contract with each heartbeat. This takes away a  

  • vital cushion for the brain and the kidney  against the powerful surge of the pulse,  

  • and also forces the heart to work harderleading to illnesses like heart disease.

  • It also makes your skin less elastic  and structured, making it harder for  

  • it to snap back into its original  shape, which results in wrinkles.

  • So, to fix this problem, we need to somehow  break apart those hard, sugary cross-links.

  • Scientists have been looking for ways to  do this and they believe that one promising  

  • avenue is a molecule called glucosepane, which  is one of the products of those crosslinks.

  • As you age, the amount of glucosepane in  your extra-cellular matrix increases.,  

  • And studies have found that it causes stiffness  in tissues and dysfunction in blood vessels.

  • But this molecule is big and complex, which  makes it really hard to break apart with the  

  • simple chemicals used in medicines. Insteadresearchers have been looking for an enzyme,  

  • which is a molecule that  speeds up chemical reactions.

  • One group found some of these in bacteria that are  capable of breaking apart glucosepane cross-links.  

  • While more testing is still needed, their work  could pave the way for a future treatment.

  • Way less wrinkles and yeah your heart is going  to work the way it should for longer! I'd say  

  • that's a win-win! So, tell me, are you afraid of  getting older? Are you worried about wrinkles or  

  • age-related diseases or are you not really phased  by aging? Let's start a healthy discussion down  

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Thank you to SENS RESEARCH  FOUNDATION for sponsoring this video!

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