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  • The fun thing about this project is that Leo Messi is playing several versions of himself in this rondo.

  • This is the world's first.

  • A rondo is when a football player have to try and get the ball from the other players.

  • You only get one touch on the ball to pass it to the other player.

  • The impossibility here is that all the different players that need to form the rondo are all Leo Messi.

  • You have who he is today, and then playing against the 2006-, 2010-, 2014-, and 2018-World-Cup Leo Messis.

  • For this particular project, we're using artificial intelligence in combination with visual effects.

  • The shoot took place in a stadium in Paris.

  • We're working with some of the greats of the industry.

  • To work with multiple Messis on set was fun.

  • Messi is obviously the greatest of all time, and then, the body doubles that were casted, some were Argentinian.

  • So, for them, even more so.

  • Messi is the greatest.

  • There is no one bigger than Messi.

  • And to see them interact with the actual Messi and vice versa, that was really special to see, actually.

  • As an AI supervisor, we will be present on the set as well.

  • What we did for this project was also doing, like, the data capture of the 2022 Messi to make sure that we have, like, a base model of the real deal.

  • What we are doing is training the faces, calculating the images, and we are putting that on top of the shots with the body doubles.

  • The most important thing for the AI is the input, the, like, the data, and we need, like, thousands of images of that from every angle possible.

  • What we then do is tweak the models to really adapt the realism and the likeness of the Messi throughout these years.

  • So, in the effects, we take the output of the AI process, and then we take that and integrate that into the pictures that come out of the camera,

  • make it look and seem like they have been shot through the camera.

  • The most challenging Messi for us to create is 2006, and this is purely because there's less high-quality footage of him around.

  • And 2006 is quite a long time ago.

  • So, that was the biggest challenge, to get a good working model.

  • This job is one of the hardest and the coolest jobs I have ever done.

  • To see all those Messi coming together coming to life.

  • It's amazing.

  • We've made the impossible happen, and that's something to be proud of.

The fun thing about this project is that Leo Messi is playing several versions of himself in this rondo.

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