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I'm Peppa Pig. This is my little brother George.
This is mummy Pig and this is daddy Pig
Peppa Pig.
Peppa and George's garden.
Daddy Pig is sitting in his favourite sunny spot.
Ah! What a perfect day for doing nothing.
Daddy pig loves doing nothing..
How could this be better... ?
I know... a cup of tea..
Grandpapy has come to see Peppa and George...
Grandpapy ..............
Hello! peppa and George you are going to have your very own flower garden...
Hoo!, a garden for George and me...
I got a packet of flower seeds for each of you...
Now, we need a nice sunny spot to plant your seeds
Here we are!
Grandpapy is digging Peppa and George's garden
Oh!Ah! Tea for the workers.... Thank you daddy Pig..
Ehm! What's going on?
We're making a flower garden!!!
Do we need a flower garden?
That's where I sit in my chair!!
There are more important things than chairs daddy Pig....
but I always read my newspaper here!
There are more important things than newspapers daddy Pig.....
Yeah! Like flowers...Look daddy
Peppa has a lot of flower seeds....George only has one flower seed...
But it is quite a big seed
Could you fetch us some water.., daddy Pig?
Seeds need water to grow . They get very thirsty.
Some little birds have come to watch..
Don't let the birds eat the seeds Peppa..
Sciù, sciù
Fly away birdies...!!
Here's the water..!!
Daddy scared the birds away!!!
Oh!Oh! Daddy Pig looks like a scarecrow...!!!
Peppa, George!! Bed time!!
Oh! Don't watch if the birdies come back!!!
Don't worry Peppa!
I'll make sure the birds don't eat the seeds...
Thank you daddy....
Good luck daddy Pig... See you tomorrow!!!
Ah..!This is nice.....
Daddy !!You have to be the scarecrow!!
Oh!!! sciù!Sciù! naughty birds!!
Now!! Stay there until the birdies go to bed...!!
Oh!oh! Ok Peppa!
All the birdies have come to bed... Daddy Pig is going inside now...
It is morning...
George, let's look at our flower garden!!!
Uhh! Baby plants.....
Good morning. AH! Your plants have started to grow.
Soon they'll have flowers on them
A little snail has come to take a look.
Oh dear!! Snails like eating plants..
Grandpapy ... Can you take Barbara to your garden?
Ehm! Ok I'll take care of Barbara..
It is one week later
Peppa !..George!
Come on! Look!!
My flowers!!!
They're so pretty!! And look at George's plant!!
I's a bean stock..and this goes all the way up to the Giant's castle....
Oh no Peppa!!! But it does go quite high!!
George's flower is taller than our house..
Oh! Oh! George has grown a sun flower....
Ah! Well done , George..
I love our flower garden!!
Now, let's make you a vegetable garden.
But that's where I sit in my chair!!
There are more important things than chairs! Daddy Pig!
Like tomatoes, carrots and potatoes..
I do like a nice potato...
Daddy Pig loves potatoes....
Oh!Oh!Oh! Every one loves potatoes....
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Peppa Pig-Peppa and George's garden with subtitles

3250 Folder Collection
哈哈 published on September 15, 2014
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