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  • Writing completely revolutionized humanity in almost every way.

  • We can tweet, write scripts, andwell that's really it, right?

  • Language makes it so everything we do, works, right?

  • Without language, I couldn't talk to you or tell you to watch out for that predator!

  • To put it simply, language allows me to express what's in here [head] out here.

  • And that's hugely powerful, it's life-changing.

  • It's WORLD changing.

  • According to modern archeology, there may have been proto-language as far back as homo

  • erectus and homo habilis more than a million years ago, but our first true verbal language

  • probably developed between 30,000 and 100,000 years ago.

  • So if verbal language lets me tell someone next to me what's inside my head, writing

  • lets me tell someone 500 miles away, or 500 years from now.

  • Writing was a major world-changing invention.

  • First with symbols, cave paintings and pictograms, a new study from a Canadian researcher believes

  • this proto-written language may be 40,000 years old.

  • The researcher looked at cave symbols across Southern Europe and found symbols repeated,

  • indicating to her there was likely some kind of writing system in use.

  • There were even memes, where some symbols rose and fell in popularity, indicating an

  • overarching interest and culture.

  • But what they meant is a mystery, because there's no context.

  • Most archaeologists believe the first true writing was cuneiform.

  • It was developed in ancient Sumer around 3000 BCE, as an evolution of tiny pictograms, it

  • eventually had enough contextual information to closely mimic what people were actually

  • saying!

  • It was created by pressing a blunt reed into a piece of clay allowing it to be preserved

  • for later perusal.

  • Modern humans with their reading, writing, andwell pretty much that's what they had

  • at the time -- were able to spread throughout Europe and Africa.

  • But language does more than facilitate expression, storytelling and coordination

  • When you write, your brain has to navigate those fine motor movements; recall letters,

  • words, shapes, and rules; not to mention simply seeing what's on the paper, reading and comprehending

  • what you've written -- AND predicting what you're going to write next.

  • Functional MRI scans done on the brains of writers during a study from the University

  • of Greifswald found brain activity similar to that of a professional sports star.

  • Using a custom-built writing desk, the researchers allowed people to write creatively while assessing

  • their brain's blood flow, and found visual and speech centers lit up during brainstorming,

  • the hippocampus activated during factual recollection, and the prefrontal cortex was active, possibly

  • to keep the storylines, characters and details straight while committing it to paper.

  • Our brains light up all OVER during the act of writing; and over time, with practice,

  • parts of the brain learn to automate some of those processes.

  • We don't have to practice making an A after a while we just know how to do it automatically.

  • Our BRAINS have been altered, for the better -- one could argue -- by writing!

  • Communicating with each other completely changed human history, allowing us to expand across

  • the globe and share our best ideas.

  • According to Gallup polling, we read more now than in the last 70 years (thanks internet!)!

  • And as emojis and gifs invade our written communication, writing is still evolving

  • A study in Emotional Neuroscience found our brains process emoji's tiny little faces as

  • actual faces.

  • So, is the future of writing the past of writing?

  • Are we going back to pictograms?

  • Do you hand-write ANYTHING anymore?

  • I try to, but it's really tough for my pen and paper to keep up with my brain

Writing completely revolutionized humanity in almost every way.

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