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Hello, back with the ultimate girls’ diet.
It’s time to reveal the top diet mistakes
that every girl makes and how to fix them.
Joining me is chronic dieter Kristen Colson of a “two-weeker”.
What’s a two-weeker?
Well I diet for about two weeks and I don’t see the results
that I’m looking for so I just give up.
And I’m like, I do that every couple of months.
So it has been caused me a two-weeker.
Very smart!
Alright, it sounds familiar to you guys?
I’ve got low tips for you because I think
two-weeking is a pretty common phenomenon.
The first mistake a lot of folks make is you think
gluten-free means no calorie.
Well of course, yeah.
Are you on with this two week endeavors,
you… every gluten-free taken is good for you?
Yeah, gluten-free pasta ‘cause you think that’s
healthier for you so we prefer pasta.
But do you have gluten problem?
No, not at all.
But I still go gluten-free ‘cause it sounds healthier.
Yeah, but that’s how… I say,
it’s one of those marketing things that dress,
trust me, buddies.
When you remove grains from wheat,
like you change any food that’s raw and wholesome
and you take something out of it,
you get it cheap.
So they take the wheat out.
What they do is they add high-calorie sugars,
they add oils in them.
You get to replace or something.
So now, it’s no longer real food.
Highly processed foods with the gluten they can have have problems with them.
And some of these gluten-free foods
are actually higher in calories,
and they’re higher in fat and sugar
than regular foods are.
So, if you gonna go gluten-free,
you better have a gluten problem.
Otherwise, don’t bother.
You’re in to cut out on glutens.
Don’t do with these processed foods.
Get whole grains
that just don’t have to be made from wheat.
So I’d give you a couple of examples:
amaranth, buckwheat, quinoa…
You ever heard of these?
No, I haven’t heard of those.
What, what, teff is no wonder…
Buckwheat that is, most people I’m hoping
by now, you watched the show so many times,
No wonder by like quinoa and buckwheat,
Amaranth is not the great one, you can’t toss this,
Teff is in breads a lot.
There’s so many whole grains out there.
And but they’re real.
They come made package by nature
to bring nutrients to your body,
that you actually want.
That’s how you go gluten-free
if you gonna do it, okay?
Tip #1.
Next stop, the next big diet mistake we see all the time
is that every girl makes the mistake
of over-fruiting when you go on a diet.
Yeah.So are you an over-fruiter?
Well when I’m on my diet, I like to use much fruit as I possibly can.
‘Cause you know they’re all healthy for you.
So more is better.
Well generally speaking, this is America,
more is always not better.
You know not all fruits are created equal.
Most fruits are actually quite low on the glycemic.
In that sense, a good thing because it means that the fiber content in the fruit
is stored in the sugar so it doesn’t go rushing into your bloodstream.
That’s why I love fruits
Apples, pears, they’re furtively low.
But a few of these fruits cause more of
a rise in your bad sugar than you would expect,
then that could cause weight gain.
So example’s the ones I worry about
if you’re a dieter, melons, pineapples in all the dried fruits,
it tend to give into your bloodstream with a sugar.
So when you’re dieting, you learn to reduce the high glycemic fruits.
Oh okay, ‘cause I usually love pineapple.
Oh again if you have joint pain,
‘cause you got Bromelain in that scrape,
maybe trying to lose weight my two-weeker.
It’s not a good idea.Stay away here, alright.
When it quite a two-weeker, we’re gonna…
Alright, that’s fine.
All of America is quite a two-weeker.
That’s fine.
Alright, next diet mistake that all girls make is over relying on protein bars.
And again, protein bars make a lot of sense.
You tried them when you’re dieting?
Yeah like a snack for like energy and things like that.
I think that they’re healthy in sort of like some like tailored jobs or something they go through.
I… a protein bar.
So look at me in the eyes here, alright?
It’s been changed from what it naturally was in order to make a protein bar.
We have plentier protein in our diets now.
When people make you a protein bar,
a lot of the times, they’re putting a lot of sugar in there.
Again they’re packed it in with calories, often fat calories.
You don’t need that.
If you want to get something that’s got protein and protein is not a bad idea.
‘Cause protein slows your appetite.
I don’t know if you’ve reached for this called
a lot of proteins having called the “Beanito”
Look at these things.
Just get one of those to taste,
and trust me on this one.Alright.
Next time you chow on your two-week diets,
a Beanito is packed with beans at low calories,
not much sugar in them, tons of fiber cause beans have fiber in them.
Well, what do you think?
These are really good!They’re good, aren’t they?
Yeah they’re great!
In place of your potato chips, would you try those out?
Oh yeah, definitely!
Okay I got one last tip for filing, okay!
And the last tip is a very important one.
The big diet mistake that a lot of folks make is they make juice your go-to drink.
Be honest on this one.
Well, I love pineapple juice and apple juice,
Cranberry juice, instead of pop, I don’t drink pop
coz this is not healthy, so first you gonna have is juice.
Well, I got to say pop’s a big problem because of
all the sugar it has in it
but when you drink a lot of juice, of the juice you mentioned are classic examples,
there’s lot of sugar in those as well.
So if you’re trying to lose weight,
you wanna limit the fresh juice you drink to by about 8 ounces a day.
Just to reduce the calorie content.
And then when you think of an alternative,
now you know water is the best alternative,
but I know warm, you know, water gets boring for a lot of folks
so won’t you try something called “tisane”?
And you know what these are, right?Oh yeah
I love herbal teas… love ‘em
Correct, you should.
Teas are made from the leaves of those plants
but they’re actually other drinks, beverages.
Like tisane, you can make from other parts of the plant.
So you, if they’re readily available now this is an herbal tisane,
made again from all the parts of those plants, precisely leaves.
You can brew it.
You can make it cool, you know, cool down.
And then what you do, you can actually put some fruit pieces in there.
If you want it to give that same taste so this is a water infuse.
Sure you put a little bit of, let’s say a lime or a lemon or orange in there,
close this up,
snap it shut,
and hole it goes.
When you mix those up,
you end up having a (a) herbal drink.
Oh that’s great.
That there isn’t much caffeine in it.
They give you a lot of that fruity taste that you desire.
So give this one last taste.
So that, if I can get you like this,
oh I get you to be a three-weeker.
Come on.
Can’t you do it?
She is tough.
Alright, I would definitely do this.
Alright, we don’t wanna load you up.
You take this with (alright) you, (taken) take this.
Alright.Take this.
Thank you.
You’re beautiful, thank you very much.
Coming up next in our ultimate girls’ diet from unwanted hair to unexpected guest,
we’ve got the fast fixes for every girl’s most embarrassing problems.
Stay with us.
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Top Dieting Mistakes

6029 Folder Collection
Go Tutor published on September 5, 2014
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