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  • (gentle music)

  • Pour over coffee is coffee made by hand,

  • one cup at a time.

  • There's no machine, no flashing lights.

  • Just you and a few simple tools.

  • Some even say it's like a meditation.

  • In theory, it's similar to one

  • made from a drip coffeemaker,

  • but it's so much clearer and more complex.

  • To us, it's the most balanced version of a coffee,

  • where all the flavors come through.

  • In this course, you'll learn the motions

  • of our pour over technique.

  • But you'll also learn the theory behind the technique

  • and concrete ways to judge the taste of your coffee,

  • so you know why your coffee tastes so good-

  • and how to fix it when it doesn't taste quite right.

  • Missing out on a beautiful coffee moment

  • when you have high-quality beans right in front of you

  • is frustrating.

  • This course gives you the skills to never miss out again.

  • It took us 20 years of obsessive tinkering

  • to get to this point.

  • You'll learn what you need in just about an hour.

  • So please join us.

  • Your coffee routine will never be the same.

  • (Gentle music ends.)

(gentle music)

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Blue Bottle Classes: The Art of the Pour Over

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