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  • ultimately any power structure in the world wants to stay powerful.

  • Alright.

  • Nothing about human history tells us that people in positions of power to say I've had enough of all this power, wealth and privilege, I'm just gonna give up, you know that there are individual occasions of it.

  • There are individuals who've got enlightened said, actually I don't need this.

  • You know, I'm gonna go and study in the mountains or I'm going to engage with the working classes and be part of a revolutionary force.

  • But as a general rule, you know, a lot of time privilege is invisible to you as well.

  • If you're born into it, it's just it's normally it doesn't seem like a contradiction, right?

  • It's just what you're born into.

  • And so I think for me what I'm more fascinated with and what I try to engage with the teaching of history, which I also do is reality, but it's also the history of ordinary people.

  • The ways in which ordinary people, not kings and queens and exceptional, you know, leaders, but the opinions, thoughts and actions of ordinary people.

ultimately any power structure in the world wants to stay powerful.

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Is knowledge power? - Akala #shorts

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