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  • it's almost as if we've now constructed the ultimate transparent, disciplined form as a species to, to value each other and finally we won't be able to violate our own promises to ourself.

  • You know, um, I think when we first got here, we were talking about Jacko willing and Jacko's famous expression is discipline.

  • It's all discipline.

  • It's all I'm going to show you a picture of me up at 4 34 am doing my workout because I do it every day and by showing up every day.

  • I don't lie to myself and I do what I say, I'm going to do, right.

  • That's, and ultimately I think humans value other humans by doing what they say they're going to do.

  • That's kind of how we celebrate people that are successful.

  • And yet with our monetary system, we've almost always given ourselves that wiggle room, right?

  • We've sold ourselves our own lie to kind of make up when things don't go so well or give us a little bit of extra.

  • But it's almost like Bitcoin is this discipline device.

  • And since it's transparent, nobody can cheat on what you say you're gonna do.

  • Um is that the way you look at this network is like making sure the best version of ourselves show up every day or am I taking that too far?

  • I love that you bring up the term discipline because that is exactly what gold was historically gold was the financial or free market discipline on every organization, including government, right?

  • So if a government was being irresponsible with monetary policy, gold would flow out of its country, right?

  • People would call its bluff as we described earlier.

  • And this, this was a check on government tyranny and oppression.

  • And it's also the reason central banking has become what it is.

  • They needed to throw off this yoke of discipline so that they could, you know, again, no human being wants to be under anyone's thumb.

  • That includes a group of human beings called government being under the thumb of gold.

  • Right?

  • That was the market's way of exerting force on the government.

  • So the government has invented this intermediate layer called central banking to really throw off this this discipline if you will.

  • So with Bitcoin we have created an incorruptible money.

  • I think it's another like that's maybe the bottom of the rabbit hole.

  • Like there's a lot of meaning packed into that.

  • Um and it's this disciplinary disciplinary force that imposes almost like a hyper responsibility on the individual because we've laid out, it gives the individual great sovereignty great power.

  • But the flip side of all that is responsibility.

  • You lose your keys, your toast.

  • There's no you don't call Bitcoin HQ and get your password reset.

  • There's none of that.

  • It's like it's a bearer asset, you lose your keys.

  • It's as if you buried your golden backyard and forgot where you buried it, right?

  • Um and that we need that we need something to push against.

  • We need something inflexible right?

  • Just like gravity or anything like there has to be some in variant for us to press our strategy against and build around otherwise if we can bend that rule then whoever can bend it will bend it right to to to favor themselves and disfavor everyone else.

  • Um, and there's another interesting parallel here in the I mentioned that absolute scarcity we've never had, you know, again, money has intended to be this marketplace emblem for time.

  • We've never had any, we've never experienced absolute scarcity before.

  • Bitcoin, except in time itself.

  • Time is the one thing we cannot produce anymore of none of us, Right?

  • So money has, we've always been trying to map money to time, right?

  • And Bitcoin has successfully achieved that.

  • We have an absolutely scarce money mirroring absolutely scarce time.

  • So I think this is like a radically new super integral substrate on which we scaffold a new scaffold to new echelons of civilization.

  • And this is why I think the digital age it's it's something radically transformational that we haven't even conceived of yet.

it's almost as if we've now constructed the ultimate transparent, disciplined form as a species to, to value each other and finally we won't be able to violate our own promises to ourself.

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/12/06
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