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  • What are you doing 10 years from now?

  • What do you think your day looks like the size of your fun looks like?

  • Are you just doing the same stuff?

  • Just more of it.

  • Yeah, I mean, I, I think I'm firmly in this space.

  • I don't know that I could continue to work at the pace that I'm working at now without expiring.

  • Uh, I mean, I'm doing 10 zoom calls a day.

  • Uh, you know, I work out every day.

  • Um you know, look, I just think that now we're early.

  • It's time to focus on the investments that I want to have in my own portfolio and I want to do it in a controlled way.

  • I have no idea what this space is gonna look like.

  • Five years, eight years from now.

  • I mean, I have a sense, but things are changing so rapidly.

  • Um, it's just, it's hard.

  • I know I'm gonna be in this space.

  • I don't think there's anything else to do.

  • There's certainly no alpha anywhere else.

  • Um, you know, this is the birth of a whole new system.

  • Um, and it might be the birth of a new way for humans to interact with each other because as I call it, you know, it really is a truth machine.

  • You know, and maybe, you know, any place in the world where truth is needed, where people need to know for sure that something is true, you know, will incorporate the Blockchain economics or the, you know, some have some sort of derivative of the Bitcoin, a code or invention or Blockchain or however you want to describe it.

  • Um you know, I think and when I start to think about that um there are unlimited number of applications, right?

  • I mean in theory this could sort of eliminate, you know, lying or eliminate Yeah.

  • You know, so what does that even mean?

  • Right.

  • Like I don't forget about tokenization of all assets and art and everything.

  • You've got that coming.

  • What does it mean beyond that even for the way humans interact with each other.

  • Right.

  • Are we gonna all just, you know, living in the metaverse?

  • So we're going to go to a bar in the metaverse to meet people, but in fact those people are going to be in France and china, not not you know next door neighbors and then you know, how is that all going to work?

  • Um I'll tell you one last thing is that, look I saw a statistic that people under the age of 25 spend eight hours a day online.

  • And so for us, that's crazy to think.

  • Um but you know what doing all these zoom calls etcetera looking down at my phone, maybe it's getting to that for us too.

  • And so people will really live part of their lives In this new digital world which they call, you know the metaverse.

  • So yeah, that's maybe what's ahead.

  • There's some great thoughts, you know, when you and I were a kid.

  • The biggest thing to get was a car at least it was for me because that meant I had independence.

  • I could do.

  • What I want to do is go see my friends, my daughter, she's 17.

  • I couldn't give her a car honestly.

  • Like, you know, she has it all via the internet, right?

  • Via her various forms of metaverse is and so you're right, these these people are not growing up with our digital identities are more important than their physical identities.

  • Unlike when we grew up.

  • So it is a completely different shift.

  • And you know, just to finish, I was getting ready for the yachts interview a couple weeks ago and I was talking to someone here and I was like, you know, the pay to play and that's someone's job is to play a video game in the Philippines.

  • It just doesn't make any sense.

  • And then, yeah, it's like, well, brian, you know, we're talking right now on a zoom call, Most of us now work remotely.

  • You will, you know, you, you interact with everybody through a screen.

  • He was like, how does that very much different than this metaverse concept?

  • And then, you know, they get points, you get a paycheck every month.

  • Like you start to understand that it's not as far fetched as it might seem.

  • It's not a science fiction movie.

  • Like you said, it's kind of the reality we're living.

  • You know, in 10 zoom calls a day.

  • Uhh you know, it's, I think it is.

  • I think it is, the future of the future is here and it's just a matter of how fast we embrace it.

  • Yeah, I had Jeff booth on the show who wrote the great book about deflation and he said brian Bitcoin could save humanity.

  • And if you know Jeff, he's a very mild mannered, Canadian guy who doesn't, he's not prone to hyperbole.

  • And I think his point was, is something that you just said, dan, is that maybe it means in the future all this transparency, this Blockchain, Maybe we actually become the best versions of ourselves every day because maybe there's no line, maybe we have to show up and do everything we say we're going to do and be the best version of ourselves every day where sometimes it's easy to not do that every day and maybe this Blockchain will bring this new vision of humanity.

  • Like you said, well, there's no, there's no line, what kind of world would that be like?

  • You know, as I said, I think it's limitless and I think it's coming and the decentralized nature of it, there's never been anything that's ever existed that is so decentralized.

  • So it's going to exist no matter what, like if you try to shut it down in one area, it's not gonna matter because there are many, many people around the world who are getting tremendous benefits from being involved in this world.

  • Not everyone has a stable currency, not everyone has proper monitoring fiscal policy, emerging market countries.

  • For some of them, this is a godsend.

  • So again, we need to have a little more, a little less of a parochial perspective here, um, and really embrace, embrace the unknown.

What are you doing 10 years from now?

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"This is the birth of a whole new system" - Dan Tapiero.

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/12/03
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