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  • D phi?

  • D phi is, you know, a term that's roughly used for kind of everything, not Bitcoin and the Blockchain space.

  • And honestly like on May 8th I got the news that I wasn't gonna be the next mayor of London.

  • And we kind of went heavy into this space because it reminded me of things we used to do on Wall Street but now it was done in this decentralized way and again we probably don't have two hours to get into the benefits or lack thereof of ethereum and all these other block chains.

  • And again, I talked to Michael Saylor about this.

  • Michael said I like Bitcoin because it has low aspirations, you know, and he's got a great point.

  • Like you said, it's simple, it does this job really well, low attack vectors and guess what the sec is going to leave it alone for now and I get it.

  • But it's also hard to not recognize some of the incredible innovations happen.

  • And even Michael said there's a place for digital currency as opposed to digital property with the stable coins, et cetera, which you know, have programmable aspects without getting into it massively.

  • What is your take on what's becoming a rapidly larger chunk of the market cap of crypto assets, which is non Bitcoin assets.

  • What's your take on that?

  • Yeah.

  • You know, this has historical precedents that in bull runs these alternative crypto assets.

  • And to even outperform Bitcoin.

  • But then on the bear markets, most of them get wiped out.

  • So my big issue with defi is the d right, this is decentralized finance in my estimation, Bitcoin is the only Crypto asset truly centered on the principles of decentralization.

  • It has provable decentralization.

  • People have tried to hijack, it's rules change its code, you know, mark wars of 2017.

  • Bitcoin has survived and thrived frank about all attacks, whereas every other crypto project does have a central point of at least influence, if not manipulation.

  • So I don't think there is decentralized anything other than Bitcoin.

  • Um but that's not to say it can't be achieved and this is something I'm thinking about a lot lately is how do you quantify decentralization?

  • Um Bellagio is another guy, I don't know if you had him on, but he's brilliant, he's written a piece on this on how you quantify decentralization that I think is useful and I I I Reserve my opinion right?

  • Again, I think I hold 100% Bitcoin in terms of crypto assets, um I think it's the best risk adjusted but in the world.

  • Uh but that's but even Bitcoin started out as a centralized idea, institutions mind right, and it became decentralized over time.

D phi?

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/12/03
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