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Olympus has replaced the camera right at the top of its compact line-up. The Stylus XZ-2
features a 12 million pixel back-illuminated 1/1.7 inch CMOS sensor and the same TruPic
VI processor as in the Olympus OM-D. The XZ-2's lens is the same as that found
on the XZ-1, offering 28-112mm equivalent focal lengths and maximum apertures of f/1.8-2.5.
Olympus says that the use of a small sensor is to create the best balance between camera
size and image quality, however it is actually a little bigger than the Sony RX100 which
manages to fit a large one-inch sensor into its body.
There's no viewfinder built into the XZ-2, but it does have an accessory port so it can
accept an optional external EVF. Unfortunately, it's not the same port as found on the PEN
range of cameras, so it can't accept the same accessories.
Olympus is well-known for being a keen advocate of digital art filters. The XZ-2 has many
of the same filters as found on the PEN and OM-D models, such as cross process.
Probably the biggest change from the XZ-1 is the handling. Firstly, the 3-inch 920,000
dot tilting LCD is touch-sensitive, meaning it can be used to set the AF point or activate
the shutter. Secondly, this control ring around the lens can now be used both to control the
aperture, and via a click of this switch, fine macro focusing and zooming.
The control ring is also customisable, so it can also be used to select aperture, shutter
speed, exposure compensation or flash exposure, depending on the active exposure mode. Two
new customisable function buttons can also be used for different settings.
We have been unable to review image quality from the XZ-2 as yet, but so far this looks
like a very promising camera. Look out for Angela Nicholson's hands-on review at TechRadar.com.
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Olympus XZ-2 first look review

1564 Folder Collection
稲葉白兎 published on August 25, 2014
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