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  • I want to ask you quickly about M.

  • I.

  • T.

  • Sloan school management and then I want to jump into flex on AMP.

  • Um you spent some time there.

  • I learned some, I took about a year of course is there back in when I graduated back in the day, early nineties and I learned futures and options and all sorts of great stuff.

  • I really learned about it when I was on Wall street trading it, but it was a great environment.

  • I'm actually watching a course.

  • Gary Gensler talk on Blockchain at Sloan in 2018.

  • Um it's very interesting to watch Gary.

  • I'm about 12 hours in.

  • Um first of all he's extremely intelligent and explains blocks really well and also reminds people that cryptography has been around for a while.

  • You know.

  • Uh Zero knowledge proofs have been awhile way before the crypto, not to mention all of the elements of the internet was involved way before the dot com boom.

  • So he has a good kind of a history like you do, you know the space program and technology?

  • What's the one thing you got from Sloan?

  • Uh there were many, I'd say the most important for sure was literally just the people.

  • So it was the focus and and for me I had already started a couple companies I had had some exits and so for me it was really the time to break away and just meet really smart people over a long period without all the the stress and the burden of running a company having a job right?

  • Having other accountabilities.

  • Um That was really so valuable to me and and and honestly uh some of those friendships I've maintained are going to be absolutely lifelong friendships.

  • Even this week.

  • One of my friends hadn't known before was when someone in my graduating class is the founder of selo another Blockchain project.

  • That's also a consumer focused around, you know, spending crypto now all over the world.

  • So it's this just completely uh you know, like a total serendipity of how we're doing somewhat similar things and still get to work on these things is one of my good friends and getting to see him this week even too.

  • So it's like that's the sort of thing I feel like you get from one of those top schools.

  • And then particularly just because it's it's a little more unique, It's kind of self caters people come in self selecting into that kind of cultural mindset of being a little weird I think in a really good positive way.

  • Uh it draws out really that meritocracy, you know, a little bit more of this injury and quirkiness, which I absolutely love and I think is the greatest thing.

  • Yeah.

  • M.

  • I.

  • T.

  • That we definitely embrace the weirdness there.

  • Uh for sure it was funny because I met someone later who was down the road at Harvard and they were like, oh what at Harvard?

  • You know how you have to belong to the dinner club and this and that.

  • And at m I.

  • T.

  • Was just like are you smart or not?

  • Can you deliver or not?

  • Can you embrace it or not?

  • We don't care anybody anything.

  • It was again embraces the weirdness and it was fun.

  • I was one of those pesky undergrads in the in the Sloan schools who had you know was doing vector calculus and was probably blowing you guys away on the math and you were one of the people that would come either from you know Wall street or coming from a little bit of time off and probably struggling.

  • Well you probably weren't but some of the people were struggling with math.

  • I remember those times.

  • You miss boston at all.

  • Yeah.

  • Yeah I like it because it's it's the most european us city.

  • Uh and so it's really small.

  • It's got you know a little bit of history, the U.

  • S.

  • You know it's something we don't really have is longer term history.

  • So when you go visit some of these other, you know as you travel particularly around europe like wow these are 500 year old building 600 year old buildings.

  • 1000 No we got like 200 at best.

  • Right so and that's not all bad.

  • So it's cool to have some of that history that is really still prevalent I think in Boston is like this kind of the heart I think of like historic United States that I really like.

  • Yeah that's true actually I probably value it more now that I've been in London, you go back in boston, you see statues and all the stuff that happened there over hundreds of years.

  • So it's actually um I got married around earlier in the boston library, so that was a whole part of um I actually met my wife in boston, we went to school together and so that was like a big thing for us.

  • So it was really cool.

  • Um having just being in that the heart of the city in that building.

  • Uh huh.

I want to ask you quickly about M.

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