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  • my course is not for everybody and it's probably not for you.

  • So I want the following people to not apply to my course.

  • If you are a crypto day trader, please do not apply.

  • If you want to get rich quick off crypto please go somewhere else.

  • That's not what we're doing here.

  • There's plenty of people that want to sell you that option.

  • So go somewhere else.

  • I'm not looking for people that are into meme coins and people that like to troll on the internet.

  • Please go somewhere else.

  • I'm not looking for Blockchain fanboys and people that like to appreciate the beauty of cryptography and I'm not looking for crypto academics please.

  • If that's you go somewhere else do not apply for my course because I'm looking for people that want to pull the trigger and take action.

  • I'm looking for people that are gonna be buying coins this week with me that are going to be using centralized exchanges, decentralized exchanges, hot wallets, cold wallets.

  • I'm looking for people That want to get into the arena and help me build the future of decentralized finance over the next 10 years.

  • That's what I'm looking for.

  • We've got an incredible group of people in there.

  • I'm telling you people from all over the world we have like 40 or 50 countries representing.

  • Uh it's amazing.

  • But I'm looking for the right people with the right energy that want to jump in for anybody who wants.

  • They can go right now to London.

  • Well that's tv forward slash D.

  • Phi D.

  • E.

  • F.

  • I.

  • And you can download a copy of our eight step trading checklist.

  • This is something all of my academy people get and you can see it here up on the screen And this is just something that we give out to all of our students when they jump the course and you can go check this out right now while you're there, submit a quick application, it will take 60 seconds.

  • I will read your application personally, so jump in there and do it.

  • And who knows?

  • Maybe you can join me tonight and the whole rest of your future will be changed.

  • I'm gonna get the guys in the studio to drop that air conditioning down before I freeze like a popsicle and then I'm gonna go and answer your questions right now here on zoom.

  • What do you want to ask me about N.

  • F.

  • T.

  • S?

  • What do you think next is gonna be big for digital art?

  • Do you think prices are going up or down for N.

  • F.

  • T.

  • S?

my course is not for everybody and it's probably not for you.

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