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  • what are steps that people can take right now now that they've hopefully have their minds blown by all this stuff to kind of move forward into the metaverse.

  • You've once said quote start by buying your first N.

  • F.

  • T.

  • Not with the intention to make money for you but was simply a desire to learn from it.

  • I'm actually getting my students do the same thing right now in my academy they go to open C.

  • Which I know you're a shareholder of and I get them to even buy an N.

  • F.

  • T.

  • It's out there for free just so they can understand the experience and start that journey.

  • What do you recommend people doing from that perspective and a gaming perspective how can they start on sandbox for example?

  • So you know and I think it's also a cost issue right because you don't necessarily know sandbox is great and I would have always encourage anyone to try that out.

  • But it is a theory and based which also and you know the first part of land will cost you at least 34 5000 U.

  • S.

  • So it's not for everyone right?

  • Because it's like literally buying real estate.

  • Um But you can experience and go to the discord and learn and talk to the communities.

  • And I think the very first thing I would tell people is join the community's first before you even buy an N.

  • F.

  • T.

  • Right?

  • Because they all sit mostly in discord some of them in telegram but just go there and interact with them and you'll find that they're very welcoming and they want to work with you and they make suggestions and that's how you learn.

  • You kind of join the community first, right?

  • You know, it's and it's no different than, you know, uh, you know, entering a new country and you want to buy your first home, you're not gonna just go crash land and say that's the first department.

  • Let's go buy that.

  • For some of us, we might have that privilege, but for the most part we have to be very sort of centered around what you can afford.

  • So what you do is you you meet the locals, right?

  • You go talk to them, you maybe talk to an agent, you understand what's valuable, what's not.

  • You go through a process of research, you know, when you want to buy real estate anywhere around the world, you know, and and how do you do that?

  • Well, individual context.

  • You go to the discord channel, you engage with the community and you say, hey, I'm new here, I will learn about this.

  • I'm interested in buying these N.

  • F.

  • T.

  • S.

  • And I guarantee you you will have a flood of people messaging you either privately or publicly and saying, here's what you should do blah blah blah, all that kind of stuff because they want you here, right?

  • We're at that point where everyone is very, very welcoming because they want you to be part of that community and you learn about that and that is the research that will come to you.

  • Or you can then make a decision to say, you know what I want to buy this, I want to do this.

  • Or maybe, you know, just like how we have it in the physical world, we might just by the N.

  • F.

  • T.

  • Because we want to show we're part of the membership.

  • But hey, I love this community.

  • You know what, let me just by that because I want to show that I'm a part of it and I want to continue to be a part of that, right?

  • But that feeling can only happen when you're there.

  • If you're not actually there and experiencing it, then you would just think of it as buying something hollow, right?

  • Right?

  • You know, like and that's that's that's that's the problem, you know, when you just do it.

  • Um and you're not knowing why, right?

what are steps that people can take right now now that they've hopefully have their minds blown by all this stuff to kind of move forward into the metaverse.

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/11/28
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