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  • final question, what's next for you robert?

  • I mean you know next few years for you.

  • I mean you're you're opening a lot of people's minds to these ideas and um you know ideas are the key to everything, you know that's how the memes are created which are like jeans which which move these things forward um What's next for you?

  • What's important?

  • Yeah I've You know 2020 was such a water here for so many people in so many ways and for me I was operating a crypto asset hedge fund and I just woke up one day and was like our benchmark is Bitcoin, I'm like what am I doing trying to outperform Bitcoin?

  • It's like I spend all my waking hours trying to outperform this thing and it's the best before.

  • It's really hard to Bitcoin by the way.

  • Um And I think partially from my interaction with Sailor, so a couple of things my riding, am I talking about?

  • Bitcoin was becoming popular.

  • Sailor reached out to me at this kind of opportune time, I'm like I just I'm gonna start talking to people on the show or podcast just as like a side project and so he agreed to be my first guess.

  • That was a huge success sales series.

  • I get blown up like every day, dozens of messages, people saying how transformational that's been I think but I think Sailor has orange killed more people than any other human.

  • Um So I mean he's really impressive.

  • Um And then this quote is what really was the nail in the coffin for me was uh from H.

  • G.

  • Wells civilization is a race between education and catastrophe and it just hit me like a ton of bricks.

  • I'm like this is a real, this is the game we're playing, playing for the future of civilization.

  • Either we get this, you know, total Orwellian status, dystopia, china's social credit score, central bank digital currency tyranny model that's being exported right now.

  • By the way, you know it's countries around the world are trying to get this in place because it's very efficient.

  • It's a very good way to get something for nothing in terms of tax revenue or we can educate people about life liberty.

  • The principle of inviolable property that Bitcoin actually represents an implementation of right.

  • We've we've grabbed this principle we've been talking about for almost 1000 years and we pulled it down into the real world and we've implemented it so now we can build a libertarian laz a fair freedom maximized civilization on top of Bitcoin.

  • And so my inflection point was like okay I can either contribute to that or I can sit here and try to outperform Bitcoin.

  • And it was just a wake up call.

  • So I'm focused on the waters money show as I said trying to accept that question with people.

  • I've launched a circular which is like a newsletter.

  • It's called the freedom analects.

  • I don't like calling it a newsletter because I never talk about the news.

  • I'm writing about all these topics, you know, macroeconomics, history, philosophy, government, money etcetera.

  • Um And I think I also want to start part of this transformation I think is that people part of Bitcoin is it gives you a why it's a really big y all right.

  • So myself, I had been, you know, quote unquote successful financially, but I was my why was being diminished actually, I was I was less um lively about being alive let's say.

  • And Bitcoin just revivified me, you know, it gives me this real deep why I wake up now charged up to to read, write, talk about this subject, educate people, I'm getting bombarded with messages about how helpful it's been for people.

  • So I'm just I hope to deliver that experience to others and I think it's going to come in the form of live events, you know, we're doing kind of audio, audio, video media on the podcast and being written media with the freedom analects.

  • The next thing would be to do some kinetic media in person, bringing people together that that are successful and resourceful and looking for a deeper y in life.

  • So I think I think that's the direction I'm going, that's super exciting, you know, good for you for being able to step back from, you know, that those hedge fund days because it's very hard.

  • Yeah, it's very hard because you were swallowed up and somehow subconscious fiat money narrative, and in there as well, you know, it's hard to get away from my I got lucky enough to break away from that 10 years ago as well, and um and start pursuing something that didn't necessarily make sense, you know, and but it was pulling me there and and again we started kind of democratizing information and putting these ideas out there, which a lot of people have a lot of paradigm shifts and then recently we've been in this space, and first of all, I have to agree, like the why is everybody in this space has it?

  • There's so much energy, there's so much love here.

  • I mean, this even Jeff booth said that it was a mild mannered, Canadian, first of all, he said Bitcoin could save humanity, which is not something Jeff would say lightly, as you know, and second he said brian, there's a lot of love in this community, which is strangely a message that's always come from some of our greatest gus on London real at the end of the day, they say if this is about uh we are all one and this is about looking out for the greater humanity.

  • That's what they all say after 2.5 hours in the chair, whether you're a body builder or an activist or an author, you know, they all say that it's uncanny robert, what they say, and in some way, Bitcoin is love to, you know, it is, it's we are all one type stuff, so yeah, we're enjoying this part of the journey in a huge way.

  • Yeah, I love that you said that and part of what love is this inspiration to give something for another and that's exactly what Satoshi gave the world, this is the guy and guy, girl, team whatever And he has the greatest liquid net worth in the world right now, so it's probably worth 60 billion liquid, hasn't touched it.

  • And he gave humanity this gift that could unlock the next level of civilization.

  • So it is, there's definitely an aspect of love to her.

  • It was that just the luckiest thing that ever happened to humanity because if he hadn't have done that, you can't argue that it would have happened otherwise in the last 13 years, Happy birthday Bitcoin this weekend, but would it have happened?

  • It's not obvious that it would have because a lot of things had to come into place to get it to where it is now to be truly decentralized.

  • I think he had to disappear.

  • You know, otherwise he Satoshi is the mythological bedrock on which Bitcoin is built and we know that mythological relationship and money is very close, right, pull the dollar out of your pocket in God, we trust, you know, it's this instrument of faith, right?

  • This contract with the future.

  • So I do think had there been some singularly identifiable individual to denigrate attack smear, course it would have jeopardized the decentralization of Bitcoin.

  • So Satoshi really gave community a gift.

final question, what's next for you robert?

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