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  • put it on defi lend it, so you don't take too much risk.

  • Put it on a triple A platform that has the lowest risk, which you can learn through the defi academy and then just with the passive income then you're generating, then buy your Bitcoin, that's the lowest risk strategy that you can have because your passive income, you're not even spending your own money, you're using your passive income that you're generating through a stable coin if you still are skeptical about defi and then you're using that to reinvest.

  • So even if it goes to zero, you haven't lost anything.

  • You're just actually trying out to find, you might learn some cool technological things and tricks which I know you're teaching your course.

  • Yeah.

  • Look, you're making some really important concepts there.

  • Back to the robert Kiyosaki, I mean rich people make money work for them, which is about owning assets that create a return.

  • Um Most people have no concept of that.

  • Um when we, when, when you and I grew up, when I grew up, the only asset I would ever consider buying was a house and you have to be kind of old and unless you are an entrepreneur and you were involved in buying businesses or things you would never even think of that, you were just getting the paycheck, you're in debt most of your life and we all know how that story ends the reason, I love defy a couple of reasons.

  • First of all it creates a real relationship with your money for the first time in your life you've been told your whole life, you're not smart enough consciously or subconsciously uh your pension, We have professionals for that.

  • Um Again, things we've been talking about on London real used to be your doctor will tell you what to do.

  • I'm gonna real, we've had people on the show who said no, your doctor doesn't know what you know what to do.

  • Take control of your physical practice, your mental practice and take control of your sovereignty.

  • Now can take control of your money.

  • And most people don't realize that their bank is involved in pretty much every minute of their life.

  • It's taking a piece out, you know, from the rent to the card payment to the credit card too.

  • This too that there's a financial institution and they're taking that chunk and you don't even know what's happening and you've been played this confidence trick where you've been told you're not smart enough.

  • So I love D five for a bunch of reasons.

  • First of all get you a real relationship with your money where you can feel it and you can know what it is and you have ownership, which changes the game.

  • My sons kevin and Daymond, like you said, they'll go to bank lobbies in the future and they'll be museums or they'll be lost departments um that they won't even understand what we're talking about when we talk about the old days.

  • So that's important.

  • The next thing is what you're saying, there's so many incredible opportunities to own assets.

  • My daughter is 17, she's, her name's Gabby, she's amazing by the way.

  • Um she was here in this chair about a month and a half ago and we talked about The world and defy in currencies and afterwards she got a metal mask wallet and she got some ethereum and a couple other kryptos and now she's 17 and she owns an asset for the first time in her life and she has a relationship with her money that's priceless.

  • My mom's 76 now has ethereum in a stable coin and she's pretty smart robert.

  • Kiyosaki owns Bitcoin and ethereum OK, these are people that understand asset ownership and understand cash flow.

  • Okay, I'm waiting for Grant Cardone to come around.

  • He'll come around so he's doing a great job of real estate.

  • So Grant Cardone is amazing.

  • Um but asset ownership cash flow and again, you can do some amazing things that defy and you can be part of this incredible infrastructure that is the the fastest adoption of technology in human history and will be probably forever, you know, this is being adopted according to some people like Raul paul has been on the show at twice the speed of the internet or the mobile phone and those were crazy.

  • There's like 60% year on year gains, both of those technologies completely changed our lives and yet according to Raul, you know, KryptoS On some estimates going at 113% a year.

  • That's a geometric growth.

  • Everyone's calling for what?

  • A billion users by 2025.

  • That's crazy.

  • So if you're even listening to us right now you're in a special place to be part of the secret system.

  • So I'm telling everybody now it's not too late.

  • I believe next year it will be too late.

  • So I am imploring you to take action.

  • Now start small as Anthony Scaramucci told me the first Bitcoin is the hardest one to buy, meaning it's very hard to push yourself and get your head around involved in this thing.

  • But once you buy one you want to buy 10 or 100.

  • And so because you see the power, so I'm asking everybody Take $50 like you said put it in a stable coin, what's your option?

  • You get what?

  • 0.25% of your bank, why not get 8% on one of these defi platforms?

  • Right.

  • Uh so that's the perfect starting point and so you lose it.

  • Great.

  • That's what you spend at the bar in like an hour on friday night.

  • So that's a round of tequila shots in Vegas.

  • So just do that and then now see some of the incredible opportunities not to mention the fact these assets are growing and if you look at any of the technology plays for the last few years, You know, it's no surprise to you and me that bitcoins at an all time high today of 67,000 Every single guest I've had on the show are predicting a 10 X growth in that in the next five years.

  • And again, I'm not a financial advisor is not financial advice.

  • But every single guest on my show is saying that that's pretty reasonable based on adoption alone, so it's time to to do this and to take action.

put it on defi lend it, so you don't take too much risk.

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