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  • people out there have three ways to really generate lots of money through defi, which is through lending a mm automated market maker pools and also farming those are the three and those are things you can learn through the course and I really think you're right because how long will these yields be sustainable?

  • Obviously we cut all the middlemen, so that's why the yielding is higher and there's also way more liquidity once use collateral.

  • And defy you can actually move it when, when you're talking about real estate, when you as collateral freely estate, it's frozen.

  • So there are a lot of advantages that you have in defi, not just cutting the middlemen, but liquidity.

  • Uh, problems are solved also in defi.

  • So like you said, you know, right now is the time to start.

  • And uh, I think we're very fortunate to be in such an amazing world.

  • We are.

  • I mean, I pinch myself every day and think, wow, I'm actually part of this and this is happening.

  • I wasn't, I was involved in the dot com boom.

  • I was the CFO of a company in new york city and from 99 to go to and I watched it happen, but I never got to be a part of it.

  • You know, I didn't get the equity, the company sold to someone else for assets most people did not gain in the facebook and the amazon and the google and the apple boom, they just didn't, they didn't see those uh, series a placements, they didn't have an opportunity.

  • And yet right now, you can even conservatively invest in these platforms and like you said, the stuff happening in defi is incredible.

  • Um and the time to take advantage of this is now and uh you guys are doing some amazing stuff.

  • I'm very impressed with what you guys do is Weisberg.

  • And again, you guys got some really interesting protocols.

  • Again, I forced my students to do them because they understand what money is.

  • They understand what the liquidity pool is and why.

  • It's amazing.

  • I understand what you're finding is they understand all these protocols and you talk to people in the space and they say, maybe these are the real returns on the dollar and the tiny ones you're getting are these ones that are forced low by a federal government that's printing money.

  • So there's a lot of different theories out there.

  • Um All I do know is this this this space isn't going anywhere.

  • And there are people that disagree with me, even some of my former mentors that disagree with me, but I've seen it, I've experienced it and every day I'm more in and hundreds of hundreds of students right now in my academy, learning these protocols, taking action.

  • And the last thing I guess I want to say is that, you know, we've been fighting for freedom of speech.

  • We've been fighting for free and fair elections and I think financial freedom is the last human right is being violated on a daily basis on this planet.

  • You know, it because you guys do this every single day and they're between two and four billion people out there that are either unbanked or improperly banked from your dad in, in Iran to people, not only I say in Africa and south America, people in the United States that have to use Western Union and get scalped every day because the banking system and the government don't deem them worthy of having access to savings to investment.

  • That's, that's like fundamentally wrong and we can change all that with defi period.

  • So it's exciting.

  • Um, and uh, we were built for this, we were built for this.

  • So I've told everybody and I'll say it again now we're all in on this for the next 10 years.

  • Like this is part of who we are, it's the fabric of London real, it's consistent with everything we do.

  • And um, I couldn't be more excited and uh, I want to do more in this space.

  • I want to do a lot of stuff for London and the rest of the world and just educate, I think is what were the best that we can have conversations and we can educate.

  • That's, I think what we're really good at and uh, you know, we'll leave the adapts to guys like you who can do really great technology and provide all this stuff.

  • And again, I really respect all the pioneers out there and you guys did it on your own.

  • You guys didn't do it with VC.

  • You guys did it with your community, you guys did it with your original people and I respect that a lot And again, we need to pay homage with the people that did the hard work the last few years when it wasn't cool or trendy or the prices were going down.

  • So big respect to the crypto community, the defi community for laying the lay in the path and we're just privileged to be part of continuing to get the message out there and teaching.

  • And again, my whole life as you can see for the past couple hours has been about people forcing me to take action.

  • Being the most uncomfortable possible is the fastest you'll learn.

  • So we need a portal stuck me on the rail or damp amy took me to the castle or I drank the Iowa and Costa rica.

  • They're always of me forcing myself into difficult situations to learn defies the same way, force yourself I would say to buy some stable coin to buy a bit of Bitcoin and to get involved in this ecosystem.

  • It's going to be uncomfortable.

  • My students there kicking and screaming right now.

  • It's week three, I'm forcing them to liquidity pools, yield swaps and buy a call option on the theory and most of these people, some of them never even known Bitcoin until two weeks ago and they're like brian, I don't know what's going on.

  • I said, okay, cool.

  • When I, when I learned options at the M.

  • I.

  • T.

  • Sloan School of Management, I didn't understand him for about three months when I was on Wall Street.

  • I didn't understand them until about two years in when I really understood what an option was like, I really understood.

  • So I tell them, don't worry, put the trade on, you'll start to feel it and learn it and you'll get comfortable with it and then pretty soon a banker won't tell you That you're too stupid to understand it and they'll stop taking out between six and 8% of your entire network every single year through their hidden fees and everything they do.

  • So again, um I've seen what the banks do on the inside, I want to decentralize that um I also realize that, you know, we're gonna have to find a way of working with these institutions going forward and I'm okay with both parts.

  • But you know, the innovator's dilemma is they're never going to create the innovation themselves.

people out there have three ways to really generate lots of money through defi, which is through lending a mm automated market maker pools and also farming those are the three and those are things you can learn through the course and I really think you're right because how long will these yields be sustainable?

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/11/22
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