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  • May 1999, a 14 year old girl walks into a residential Hong Kong police station.

  • The police humor her as she complains that for several weeks she's been haunted by the ghost of a dead woman.

  • The ghost comes to her almost every night and the cops humor her even as she dives into some of the apparitions, graphic details.

  • This isn't just the ghost of some ordinary woman, this is the ghost of a woman who was tied up with electrical wire and slowly tortured to death.

  • Then she drops an absolute bombshell that spurs the police to launch a full scale investigation into the apparent teenage fantasy one that will end with a decapitated head found stuffed inside a hello kitty doll fan man yee had a troubled childhood abandoned by her poor family.

  • The orphan was raised in a girl's home run by the government.

  • However, like most Children discarded by society fans, life quickly took one bad turn after another.

  • By the time she was 15, she had already developed a serious drug habit and to pay for her habit.

  • She had turned to prostitution.

  • Sex was an easy and reliable way to pay for her bills.

  • So she continued prostituting until her early twenties when she tried to start making some more changes in her life, one of those changes was getting a job as a hostess at a nightclub At 23 to help support herself and her one year old child.

  • At this point she was still battling her addiction but seemingly on the path to recovery.

  • Then in 1997 she met chan man lok, a 34 year old pimp and drug dealer.

  • It wasn't long before fans life once more spiraled out of control and she was back on drugs.

  • The mounting drug costs however, Met Fan had to return to prostitution though she remained independent, refusing to work for man look With cash flow and a raging drug addiction needing to be sedated.

  • Fan made a fatal mistake.

  • She stole man looks wallet and the $4,000 inside it.

  • Man look however, quickly discovered the theft and immediately contacted two of his personal thugs.

  • His plan was simple find fan kidnapper and force her to work for him.

  • He'd take every dollar she made until she paid him back in full and then ensure that she remained his permanent employee afterwards.

  • Things wouldn't turn out that way at all, chan man lok, leung shing cho and leung wai loon kidnapped Fan one night and drove her to a decrepit apartment block.

  • Once inside, the men tied her up with electrical wires and began to beat her to make sure her screams couldn't be heard.

  • They used dirty rags as a gag and dragged her into a broken down abandoned department inside of the building.

  • The three men would stay right next door during the imprisonment.

  • Pretty soon Menlo decided that simply forcing Fan to pay off her debt by prostituting for him wasn't enough.

  • He needed to make an example of her for the other girls and more importantly, he was a psychopath.

  • The court appointed psychiatrists would later find that all of the men involved suffered from psychosocial behavior disorders, which explained what happened next.

  • The men kept fan tied up day and night, the electric wires cutting into her arms and legs painfully.

  • Each day they would come into the apartment and devise new ways of torturing her.

  • Sometimes they would beat her with iron rods.

  • Other times it was their fists in the words of a Hong kong justice just a few years later, never throughout the years in Hong kong has a court heard such cruelty depravity, callousness, brutality, violence and viciousness perpetrated by a human being or human beings on another human being.

  • The beatings didn't end there though.

  • Fan would be subjected to punches and kicks until she lost consciousness.

  • Other times, she was whipped with electrical wire, leaving deep lacerations on her body.

  • The beatings with iron rods would fracture bones To make sure that fans suffered even more.

  • The three men would wait until fan regained consciousness and then proceed to rub chili powder into all of her wounds.

  • But the three men would have an accomplice, the same 14 year old girl who would eventually turn to police for help in ending her ghostly haunting was also one of her torturers known only as a fang in official records, she was described as a girlfriend of Chan man looks, although in all likelihood she was just another one of his prostitutes.

  • Fong would elaborate on the details of fans torture in exchange for a plea deal from the police and recalled how one day she came to the apartment on man locks invitation and found the severely beaten fan there.

  • Then she watched Man law kick her in the head over 50 times and at man locks insistence, Fong joined in as well.

  • Phone would later tell police when questioned about why the torture was taking place that I had a feeling it was for fun.

  • We'll never know to what extent Fong joined in the month long torture fan as part of her bargain with the police ensured that most of those details would remain out of the public eye.

  • What we do know is that at least on one occasion fan was also made to eat phones excrement.

  • Other times, Fong watched as the men burned her with lighters.

  • The beatings as always were regular day after day with torture to match.

  • After a month of brutal torture, phone came to the apartment and found that fan, man yee was dead having passed away overnight, the three men got into an argument with each other with man long believing that she had somehow gotten hold of methamphetamines and given herself an overdose will never know the truth because there would never be a body to examine, but most medical experts believe that fans simply succumbed to her wounds that night, the three men dragged fans lifeless body into a bathtub and began to dismember her with a handheld saw, they plan to dispose of her with the rest of the trash but needed to avoid drawing suspicion from the rotting smell of decomposing body parts.

  • So they came up with a plan.

  • The men put her body parts into a large pot one or two at a time and on the same stove, they used to cook their dinner.

  • They boiled the body parts.

  • Once thoroughly boiled the body parts were simply thrown into the garbage.

  • They had sadistic plans for the head though.

  • After sawing it off the body, the men put the head in a pot and boiled it until the flesh was soft enough to peel off.

  • Apparently they even used the same chopsticks they used to cook with to stir her head around the boiling water once the skull was clean of flesh, they stuck it inside a large hello kitty mermaid doll and so did shut.

  • This wasn't the only souvenir the men kept though.

  • They also kept at least one of her teeth and some of her internal organs sealed up in a plastic bag.

  • Eventually often couldn't take it anymore.

  • She claimed to have been haunted by fans ghost for weeks.

  • The haunting apparition urging her to confess and bring justice to her killers unable to take her nightly torment anymore.

  • Fong turned herself into police and in exchange for protection, agreed to testify against Man Locke and his two goons.

  • Initially the police were highly skeptical.

  • The crime seemed so outlandishly brutal that at least some of it had to be made up.

  • However, when police arrived at the apartment where fan had been held and tortured for a month, they were horrified to discover the body parts the men had stashed away along with the infamous hello kitty doll with fans skull sewn up inside.

  • What made the find even more unsettling was the fact that the entire apartment was outfitted in happy smiling Hello kitty memorabilia.

  • News of the crime shocked Hong kong and the trial would have many people furious with the authorities in the end, because the police couldn't determine which had killed Fan the torture or a drug overdose.

  • The men were convicted of manslaughter and unlawful imprisonment Instead of murder.

  • The men were all sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole in 20 years.

  • That parole hearing is rapidly approaching.

  • But given the extreme nature of the brutal killing, nobody has much hope that any of these three men will actually receive parole.

May 1999, a 14 year old girl walks into a residential Hong Kong police station.

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