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  • and you mentioned the currency wars earlier.

  • I mean just the currency wars and then you said the information wars.

  • So currency wars is obviously solved by Bitcoin which is the only borderless money on the planet even though the U.

  • S.

  • Dollar is used everywhere?

  • Like let me tell your story brian my my dad is based in Iran in Tehran and when there is an embargo when trump's imposed embargo on Iran one thing that people don't understand is you're not just stopping us dollar, you're not just cutting bank accounts, you're just cutting the entire country out of foreign business.

  • Right?

  • So my dad lost his job, had a really good job at old oil company that was exporting, lost his job, lost all of his bank accounts in the U.

  • S.

  • And in europe because he's an Iranian citizen.

  • And guess what brian?

  • The only way that I could send money to my dad who is 76 getting old and cannot take care of himself anymore was through Bitcoin because I sent that Bitcoin to him and he was able to bring it to a local exchange.

  • Will they be able to transform the Bitcoin into two months and then spend his two months ago grocery shopping in Iran.

  • So if people believe that Bitcoin is limited, that's the only borderless money on the planet.

  • I mean the US dollar is accepted in most countries but we know last year right they printed 20% of total supply in one year ban is going to do the same this year?

  • How do you feel about the currency wars.

  • Are are there any other like global movements that make you realize that Okay, it's time for defi it's time for Bitcoin are there any other, first of all it's a powerful story.

  • Honestly that story says it all, doesn't it?

  • It's like you've got governments doing things and controlling currencies but like real lives are at stake and um yeah, I got a couple of thoughts on that, but 2020 let me think that we're in an information war and that's where I realized that whoever controls the information controls everything um and that some actor in china or Russia could be your friend on facebook that is getting you to do something or think away that maybe you don't want to or you should and it's all about information whereas before there used to war is being fought with guns and threats and troops, whereas now it's happening inside your own brain and everybody has a vested interest in how you think.

  • So that was mind boggling and I lived through it and I was on Alex jones show which is called info wars and again I'm a big fan of what Alex does just because he goes for it.

  • Um and so I saw that and now that I'm in the defi space, I now see that actually there's another bigger war which is the currency wars and to now even speak with some actors in this space to talk about digital yuan versus digital dollar and who is going to dominate globally and control every country to force them to choose.

  • And in fact that part of people's lives on top of the information war Now you've got something serious and something you don't even know it's happening.

  • And uh it makes me really set up and take notice.

  • And your example with with your dad is a perfect example.

  • I like to make an example of my mom.

  • My mom is 76 years old.

  • She was a single mother that raised three Children.

  • She happened to buy a property 30 years ago and she learned to invest in property.

  • Now she supports herself By renting out like 25 properties that she owns in San Diego.

  • And that's how she makes a living.

  • She had the option of storing her extra money in an asset that would still be around because she lives in san Diego California.

  • I always think that there's a woman who is 76 who's in Nigeria or Ethiopia, who was a single mother raised three kids worked hard all of her life.

  • But what were her options to save a local currency that was devalued or abolished a business that was seized by the government or taken away by a civil war or whatever.

  • And so at the end of her life, what does she have nothing?

  • And these two incredible women that lived incredible lives that did amazing things.

  • One has an option and one doesn't until now.

  • And as Michael Saylor would say that Bitcoin is digital property.

  • So now both of these incredible women can be storing value in a way that can't be taken away by a government.

  • It can't be devalued by the massive printing of fiat currencies which has been done during the pandemic to a mind boggling amounts and is done in every country since the romans.

  • And if you look at listen to what Jeff booth just told me every 100 years there's a reset whether it's a war, whether it's a Russian revolution or a Bastille day or even the rich lose.

  • You know I mean again robert is right.

  • Rich people make money work for them until You know they get their heads chopped off you know in France until there's a revolution until there's a war on the currencies reset.

  • So actually that human model contest continued to fail for 2000 years.

  • Bitcoin can say that because it's deflationary by nature and it shows us that actually in Bitcoin the price of everything in the future is going down.

  • Which makes sense if you look at the phone in our pocket it makes everything free, right?

  • Your pictures are free, your content for free.

  • So why are the prices going up.

  • This is a figment of our control our government.

  • It's the inflationary fiat currencies and there's only one way this ends it ends in tears and ends in a reset.

  • And I mentioned this to like a few people recently and they said, but that was the old days, that was World War Two, that everything is different now, we'll never have that again.

  • And it's like really that's been saying that for a couple 1000 years there will be some type of reset except now we see a shining light and we see it in things like Bitcoin and all the other uh crypto assets and the block chains that inspires so much hope and it's so much transparency and again takes the banking sector out of it, the government out of it and just gives the power right back to the people.

  • Uh It's just like incredibly inspiring and to hear that you did that with your dad is amazing.

and you mentioned the currency wars earlier.

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THE CURRENCY WARS ? The Fight For Financial Freedom Is REAL and Happening NOW

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