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  • and how do you choose venture cap or work with venture cap?

  • Um, as in the partners or decide, you know, how much and when to get in, what's, what's some advice you could give to people out there on how you do that.

  • Yeah, that's, that's interesting.

  • So when I started this journey, I was, you know, I was a professor, I didn't understand the venture capital space at all.

  • There's a lot of money out there and the money comes with all sorts of other services and entanglements what you want are.

  • And I didn't understand and appreciate the difference between VCS and hedge funds.

  • And so people should pay attention to uh, to coins that have a lot of hedge funds behind them versus coins that have a lot of brand name VCS behind them.

  • Venture capital fosters the work, venture capital is long term commitment.

  • Venture capital typically comes with a lot of support and, and a lot of, you know down the line relationships that are incredibly valuable for that project, hedge funds are there to make money and so they're buying coins only to sell them later on.

  • So so veer away from hedge funds, choose venture capital, choose partners that are committed to the space, There is no shortage of people out there.

  • I found that on Twitter, when you talk to them, you know, they talk up a big game block chains are going to revolutionize the world etc, easy talk, but when you go to them say in March 2020 and you say, look, you know, we were selling coins or whatever.

  • Um, it's a bear market and then suddenly all the spirits are closed.

  • They don't believe in the space to invest in it when the times look like they might be rough for a little bit.

  • So there's a lot of money out there where the people behind it, despite their public stance, don't actually believe what they say publicly.

  • So I veered away from from all such sources of cash.

  • And uh the partnerships you build are key to your success.

  • Later on.

  • These people end up opening doors for you.

  • And all of these partnerships I've selected with an eye towards developing a long standing relationship to their hinterland and whether that hinterland is a geographic region or it's uh industrial connections or it's something else.

  • Um It's been it's paid off incredibly well for us to date.

  • And uh and I think to young entrepreneurs, I would say, yeah, you will need cash, this is a capital intensive effort, you cannot succeed without it.

  • Um And uh and the way to do this is to find sources of money that bring your value over over a long period.

and how do you choose venture cap or work with venture cap?

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/11/20
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