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  • rocky mountain oysters don't need to be shocked and cowboy caviar doesn't come in, it's in and you really shouldn't confuse bull fries with french fries.

  • These colorful names are all referring to the same menu item that's remained a mainstay for cooks throughout the globe and across millennia.

  • We're talking about bull testicles.

  • So why are bull testicles such a delicacy throughout history around the world?

  • People have pursued go nads across the entire animal kingdom in ancient Egypt and Rome beaver testicles were so sought after for medicine that legend claimed the animal started chewing them off whenever it saw people approaching.

  • In Petronius Satyricon, first published in the late first century, an extravagant feast is described as including kidneys and lamb's fry on a zodiac themed platter, slang for lambs testes.

  • Modern Taiwan offers rooster testicles expertly cut from live roosters.

  • In Taipei's Snake alley market, There's even a Beijing restaurant chain gullies yang, exclusively devoted to serving up the genitalia of animals from horses to dogs too dear.

  • India boasts a testicle curry called capoeira Bakri masala sourced from lambs and goats and since 2000 and four, Serbia's hosted the world testicle cooking championship where every animal from camel to kangaroo might find his balls baked fried or even incorporated into a pizza, but with all those options, it's the bulls.

  • Bullocks that reigned supreme the most sought after most ubiquitous and most recognizable from appearances on reality shows, it could have something to do with the role of the bull in the ancient world from the mystical oryx at the Lasko cave paintings dating back to the paleolithic era to the bull of heaven killed by Gilgamesh in Peru.

  • In the sumerian epic of Gilgamesh to the Israelites golden calf, as described in the christian bible's old testament.

  • The past is full of references to on inspiring cattle deified for better and worse.

  • The world's religions are full of gods and holy figures taking on the form of bulls and cows, Zeus shape shifted into a bowl to seduce Europa.

  • In the hindu religion, there is the white cow Nandi, a protector of Shiva and the ancient Egyptians built temples for apis in which a sacred black bull would live out his life treated as an oracle pampered with jewelry and flowers and even given a proper burial, mummification sarcophagus and all once he passed away in many cultures, this recognition of the bowl is something powerful and sacred also came with the ultimate praise to the gods sacrifice according to the greek based foundation of the Hellenic world, the bull was considered the greatest sacrifice one could make to the gods, closely followed by oxen.

  • The best livestock was chosen for the honor and once the deed was done and it's blood sprinkled on the altar, every piece of its meat was consumed by the attendees and if you doubt that that includes the testicles, consider the stone inscriptions describing the continuation of this practice of Taraba liam in the roman empire of the 2nd and 3rd centuries A.

  • D.

  • One such account from the year 1 60 describes the testicles of a bull being brought to an altar in Molybdenum in a ritual dedication theoretically to symbolize the self castration followed by adherence to the cult of civilly mother of the gods and send self castration was against the roman ethos.

  • Better to take the bull by the uh well, you know, similarly the religion of militarism and all male secret society rival in Christianity in the first through fourth centuries had altars depicting the god mithras overpowering a bull and cutting into its neck while a scorpion attacked the animal's testicles.

  • In both cases, they are not just sacrificing the most powerful animal to pay tribute to the gods but are able to overpower it, taming a beast considered to be number one in strength and vitality.

  • And let's face it, they earned that status.

  • The italian Kia nina, the largest and oldest breed in the world can reach a height of five ft 11 inches and a weight of £3500 if castrated, the steer can reach a height of over 6.5 ft.

  • That's on the large side.

  • But other bull breeds started £1700 on the smaller end, some famous bulls of the modern age included the british full colonel who was the size of a large rhinoceros.

  • The italian bull.

  • Fiorino at one time the tallest bowl in the world and the american bowl, Toy story, a record breaking breeder who sired 500,000 offspring around the world with their thick bones muscled next large feet and overall intimidating physique.

  • The bulls reputation as the big boy, the beasts is deserved in every single aspect, the fertility of a bull is measured by the circumference of its scrotum.

  • The youths reached the fertility age when they hit 11 While adult bulls can exceed 16", that's a handful to say the least with that kind of equipment.

  • It's no wonder that people come to believe that devouring the testicles can improve one's own vitality and virility.

  • Historian martin pole deposits that greek olympians competing in the original olympic games ate meat for days before competing, believing that it would enhance their performance.

  • That especially included the testicles of a bull which the athletes devoured raw, not just to increase their chances of winning, but to prove their masculinity.

  • Just imagine ball gobbling being included on today's olympic coverage or would it be considered doping?

  • It was certainly considered that way once in history.

  • In 18 89 the mauritian physiologist and neurologist, Charles Edouard Brown psych ward was recommending bull testicle extract as an anabolic steroid, claiming it could prolong human life.

  • Maybe he just had balls on the brain.

  • He made the same claims for an elixir made from a dog and guinea pig testicles leading to one medical journal to call for his retirement.

  • While the medicinal properties have yet to be proven the legend that eating bull's balls will give you strength has endured.

  • Take, for instance, spain known for its tradition of bullfighting since the 18th century.

  • Each bullfight ends with the Tirso de marta, in which the matador must bring the life of the bowl to an honorable end by thrusting a blade between the animal's shoulder blades deep enough to pierce the heart a successful method or might then receive trophies or trophies, the ears and the tail of the dead bull cut off and given as awards.

  • But there's another part of the boulder matador can take its testicles.

  • Matadors have been known to eat their opponents testes after the competition in the display of victory and masculinity.

  • This is hardly exclusive to them though anyone can buy those grenades at the butcher's or at a restaurant, Even tourists just ask for crea Diaz spanish for testicles.

  • Also known as bull fries, they usually come flayed flowered and breaded before being pan fried with garlic and oregano or barbecued on a grill or just served on their own with a spicy wine sauce.

  • This dinner of champions is also popular in Mexico and Argentina.

  • And while Correa Diaz can refer to any animal testicles, the bull possesses the most popular set ole, similar to the belief in its masculine properties.

  • The cattle ranchers of the United States joke, at least we think it's a joke that bull testicles work as an aphrodisiac a natural Viagra, but that's only one reason the dish has become such a mainstay among the plain States for centuries, known colloquially as Rocky Mountain oysters, cowboy caviar or Montana tender groins.

  • The delicacy is served up with pride by ranchers who believe they are staying true to their roots from the days of westward expansion.

  • When food was so precious that to waste any part of it would be well a waste.

  • Legendary Denver post writer robert W Red Fenwick wrote about Rocky mountain oysters in his riding the range column in the 19 forties and fifties and not just popularizing the dish across the United States, but cementing it as a colorado staple.

  • In fact, Denver's Coors Field baseball stadium serves them at concessions.

  • While the city's iconic restaurant, the buckhorn Exchange claims to serve 300 to £500 a week and if that wasn't enough, the city's Wynkoop brewery actually built a bull testicle beer Brewed with 25 lb of bull testicles.

  • The Rocky Mountain oyster stout started as an april fool's joke, but interest in demand got so high that Wynkoop actually decided to make it a real thing, selling them in packs of two cans, shockingly, it's not the only ball based beer, Iceland has a beer made with whale testicle smoked in sheep poop.

  • Given the choice between the two will take the bull beer, which we hear boasts some more nutty flavor, of course colorado isn't the only state proud of its testicle cuisine Nevada hosts a Rocky mountain oyster fry.

  • While Montana has its testy fest, all full of the same kind of experimentation.

  • That Serbia's testicle cooking championship showcases testicle tacos, chocolate covered family jewels, go and add sushi and so on.

  • No matter the recipe, the basic seemed to remain the same.

  • There are two outer layers of the scrotum covering the testes.

  • These excess membranes are carefully removed to reveal the soft, odorless yellow flesh of the testicle itself.

  • Now remember you could be dealing with meat that's over 16" around so they have to be sliced and diced to get it to a reasonable mouthful.

  • These slices are then breaded and deep fried in oil or if you're a traditionalist pan fried with some flour and salt and pepper and voila fried bull's balls with a texture and flavor that's been compared to veal, scallops, liver and brains.

  • The Rocky Mountain oyster has become world famous.

  • Even places where bull testicles aren't exactly radical have taken to identifying the dish by its colorado alias not that that's the only way to serve up bull testicles in Vietnam bull testicles are a street food staple served up in a variety of ways they can be boiled along with the penis before being sliced up and added to porridge.

  • Ho chi Minh City's 1 46 restaurant braises them alongside chinese medicine to guarantee strength to those who consume it and one hot pot recipe includes every organ that many would consider leftovers, testicles, penis tail throat stomach, It all goes in in each dish.

  • The balls are chopped up before being served.

  • But unlike the colorado prep, the veiny membrane covering the testicles is preserved.

  • Meanwhile, in southern Africa, the herero people of Namibia, Angola and Botswana are so dedicated to cow herding.

  • Even the head dresses of the women whose wardrobe was influenced by german colonizers have been structured to reflect the horns and a life that revolves around cattle means they have their own traditions of cooking and eating bull testicles.

  • A conscious struggling bowl is subdued with rope and castrated on the spot.

  • The balls are then thrown into the coals of a fire pit and left to cook while the kidneys are saved exclusively for the women, only men are permitted to consume the testicles like the matadors, the ranchers and olympians, they believe the bull power comes from its testicles.

  • Yes.

  • Another example of balls representing virility, strength and masculinity.

  • That philosophy has even been adopted by at least one american based nutrition company that offers bull testicle powder available in capsule form the idea being that since testicles are obviously vital part of producing sperm and testosterone and because their organs and therefore a target of nutrients consumed by the animals, they must therefore be a natural superfood.

  • At the very least, they hope that the enzymes and the bull testicles will help maintain human testicle health.

  • Whatever reason you want to tell yourself absorbing the strength of a bull, taking advantage of its medicinal properties, paying respect to historical traditions or even just taking part in a dare.

  • There are worst things you can put in your mouth.

  • Now.

  • Check out gross food in other countries or click this other video instead.

  • Mhm.

rocky mountain oysters don't need to be shocked and cowboy caviar doesn't come in, it's in and you really shouldn't confuse bull fries with french fries.

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