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  • maybe we just start back in 2018 and say why did you start a vax?

  • Why did you create a vaccine?

  • It must have been because there was a need for it.

  • Absolutely.

  • So what we saw is exactly what you saw back then, which is uh the defi was just beginning to take off digitization of assets was just taking shape.

  • And you could have seen this maybe three years ago in the big boom cycle of 2000 and 17.

  • You could see that people had a urine in for digital assets and they loved it.

  • The experience is so much better than anything else that uh that pertains to trading online.

  • And yet what we saw was essentially a sandbox.

  • What we saw was a glimpse of the way things could be, if only the underlying technology could scale and we could see that it couldn't scale defy.

  • In fact to date has mostly been relegated to a very small audience.

  • Was an audience that could that was there to understand the technology and also an audience that had the cash to be able to pay for the enormous transaction fees that it usually takes to interact with defi.

  • Uh Ellen on platforms like ethereum.

  • So three years ago, um what I saw was the avalanche consensus protocol and at the heart of all of these Blockchain systems lies a consensus protocols or come to a consensus protocol.

  • And the protocols that preceded us, The protocols that came before avalanche all were limited in how much they could support and what kind of scale they could uh they could get up to and it, once you loaded them with millions of users, they started running into limits when they run into limits.

  • The very first thing that happens is that the fees go up and the system gets bogged down and it becomes a network for bots and ways.

  • And uh, I saw an avalanche a way out of this avalanche could suddenly give us scale so high that the fees would be, would not be in the sort of flat portion of that hockey stick.

  • They would not balloon up.

  • And I saw an avalanche, a network architecture that could accommodate many different kinds of assets and allow us to take the technology out of the sandbox and bring it to the masses.

maybe we just start back in 2018 and say why did you start a vax?

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WHY I CREATED AVAX ? Emin Gün Sirer on the Avalanche Consensus Protocol

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/11/16
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