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  • we got something super exciting to talk about right now.

  • Maybe it's something our grandchildren will look back on because this is kind of a once in a lifetime once in a Blockchain opportunity and it's these polka dot para chain auctions and you're the guy because you understand this stuff really well that's exactly it brian because you know like really 2021 we hear about N F T.

  • S, we hear about metaverse through facebook, but really one of the most important topics is the battle of the block chains, proof of stake, proof of work, transitioning and having new models that you're saying borderless finance, anyone could participate.

  • This is probably the safest way to earn a return when you compare like Blockchain and defy relative to fortune 500 companies or the ceo you have 0.1% chance of meeting one day.

  • The Blockchain space is crazy even though the guys have, you know, they're one of the biggest ecosystems in the world.

  • They're accessible.

  • So it's not too hard to go and talk to them and ask questions.

  • How is the culture there are people really hungry, Are they working hard?

  • Do they love what they do this stuff isn't that complicated?

  • And this is a way to take control of your finances period.

  • Whatever you do today, Try getting a dot wallet right?

  • Try getting the extension, get some dot And maybe try doing this, will it not be too late for me to be involved in this auction.

  • No, I don't think so because actually today you already have 5% bonuses.

  • So the earlier contribute to a crowd loan, the more the bonuses you get, you can actually take the tokens and take them for a return.

  • So I know that I'm getting the tokens back and I'm gonna be able to stake them for an api percentage right away.

  • And that's the beauty of it.

  • So you can start using it staking it, earning some interest right away, which is amazing.

we got something super exciting to talk about right now.

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ALEX FAZEL - Polkadot Parachain Auctions: How To Identify & Invest In The Best Crowd Loan Projects ?

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/11/16
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