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  • Gaming is no longer just this momentary form of entertainment, gaming is $150 billion dollar industry.

  • But with non fungible tokens and true digital ownership rights, we think this will turn into a trillion dollar industry very quickly.

  • I've never seen anyone in gaming put it together like you did.

  • You know you I believe said that the evolution of defi was a supercharger for Blockchain gaming.

  • This is where this introduction of gaming and value becomes powerful.

  • Really, what we want to do is get everyone involved in joining the metaphors and gaming is the angle to do that best because gamers today already have a relationship which is quasi metaverse.

  • Our Children play games at a very young age.

  • Uh anyway and they have the mental capacity to understand actually what is sort of, you know, economics because they are trading cards or they're doing stuff already now make that real for them.

  • And I think that's really, really powerful.

  • This is the way in which we really teach financial inclusion and knowledge to the masses, I think is the most important paradigm that we need to understand.

  • I think we have a duty to tell all of our Children and everyone in the world that you must own your digital public because if you don't, you will get left out.

  • And if you get left out in due course in time, what will happen is that just because of the economics involved in everything, we will no longer be able to participate in that or you'll be left behind as well.

  • Data is the most valuable resource.

  • And in the future it's already here anyway.

  • You know, labor is not valuable at all.

  • Right.

  • And so you need to own your stuff.

  • And where are we going to go when everything is produced for you anyway?

  • It must be, you know, that your own property, you must own equity and it's not going to be physical equity.

  • It's going to be the meta equity, the virtual equity.

  • And you must own that.

  • Yeah.

Gaming is no longer just this momentary form of entertainment, gaming is $150 billion dollar industry.

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