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  • the destiny of money is to be encrypted.

  • Now we found something new.

  • We've created this man made institution that this man made money in Bitcoin that no man can corrupt.

  • No man can bend its rules that we ourselves cannot break.

  • If I can sit down to the game of monopoly and I can make the rules you're gonna lose every single time, 100% of time you'll lose.

  • That's exactly what the central bank is.

  • It is the rule maker.

  • So what is Bitcoin?

  • How do you tell that to people?

  • How do you tell your grandma, how do you tell people on the streets they're gonna look at you like you're crazy man.

  • And that this thing could actually change consciousness, sovereignty.

  • It is simply an insurance policy on central banking or fiat currency.

  • And the more dollars that central banks produce, the more valuable that policy becomes with Bitcoin, we have the first fixed supply asset in human history and that has a fixed auditable unchangeable supply of 21 million.

  • It's almost like we've created a living money right?

  • This money adapts to our actions when we try to mind more that it becomes harder to mind.

  • If we try to mind less of it, it becomes easier to mind freedom means I can ingest something.

  • I can think something and I can I have my own money and not have someone take it away from me, taxes, inflated productivity creates wealth taxation and reduces productivity inflation is taxation.

  • Bitcoin is the only money in human history with a 0% terminal inflation rate.

  • So if you are a human and you prefer abundance to poverty, then at some point you will be buying Bitcoin.

the destiny of money is to be encrypted.

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ROBERT BREEDLOVE - What is Money? Bitcoin: Bringing Freedom to the Masses ? TRAILER

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